Christmas Time in Insadong, Seoul

The snow has officially fallen and Seoul has braced itself for a cold winter. But December is the month of festivity and a lot of shopping areas in Seoul are decorated in Christmas ornaments. Insadong is one of those areas. The cold weather did not dampen our mood and we happily stepped into Insadong that afternoon. ^^

Christmas Time in Insadong, Seoul

Aren't they pretty? A lot of small shops are selling handmade Christmas ornaments too at this time of the year. The Insadong street is really the best place to find all those crafts goodies too. 

It's Christmas Time in Insadong Street Korea

Oh, Frosty, the snowman has landed in Seoul. Hello, Frosty! 

Insadong Maru Snowman Seoul

If you have the time, you should make a visit to Ssamziegil. It is basically a shopping complex in the main street of Insadong. It houses over 70 stores selling all kind of goods from clothes, socks, papercraft, ceramics, etc. There are also a lot of art installations displayed in front of the stores of Ssamziegil.

Insadong Ssamziegil Art Display

The theme of the art at that time is supposedly to save the earth from global warming. It was kinda sad really seeing that the weather all around the world has gone haywire. Natural disasters are kinda common too nowadays. =(

Cute art installation at Insadong Street in Seoul

Since life must go on, let's do more to conserve the energy and not to make the global warming getting worsen off. 

Art Installation at Insadong Street in Seoul

If you are tired of walking, there are a lot of tea houses and cafes in Insadong. You can visit the tourist information centre which is situated near the exit of the subway too for more information. You can also try the Korean traditional hanbok and visit the tourist souvenir store to buy handmade Korean souvenir to bring back home. On weekends, Insadong Street is closed for motor cars. 

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