There are times in her life where Noona feels like she's going nowhere. She knows that success does not happen within a blink of eyes but then again, what is success after all? The word "success" sounds a pretty subjective word here. One man's perception of a "successful living" may not be the same as the other. For instant, one may deem have gotten married and have own family before 30 as a "successful life" while the other deem making the first billion before 30 is what considered a "successful life". 

Tricky. Noona supposes success is heavily linked to each individual's #lifegoal after all. While it may seem vague to some, one thing is sure, successful life does not come without a price. After all we are living in the world where people must work to live thanks to our dear Adam and Eve who could not resist eating that forbidden fruit. So yeah, if you want to be successful in whatever you are aiming to be, be prepared to work hard for it. Sigh, she knows. Hahaha


Uhh, since life's not gonna get easier, Noona decided to just go to bed after posting this inspiration and yet realistic quote of Vidal Sassoon about success. At least, tomorrow is already Friday.

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