No worrying on a blissful Saturday

Good morning people!

Nothing beats the comfort of Saturday morning relaxing experience at your own room/ house (if you have one). The world outside is so noisy with people keep on bombarding you with comments, opinions and even suggestions. Sometimes Noona thinks the devil does not have to do so much work to make someone worry, really. Other human do that job better. 

Despite the noises, Noona believes that worrying will not help to solve the situation any better. Instead, it robs the joy of today. 

Like what Walt Disney said before "if you've done the very best you can, worrying won't make it any better". It will not help you healing yourself/ other person, it will not help you gain more money nor that it help you in your relationship with other people. So yeah, since it's weekend after all, why worry? 

No worrying on a blissful Saturday

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! <3

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