Steal Her Look: Tara Eun Jung's Pinafore Dress

Her Look: 

It has been a while since the last time Noona listening to Tara's music. Are they making a comeback soon? Tara's music videos are always so fun to watch. Wait, what am I supposed to discuss here again? Oh right, style. Fashion. Focus, Noona, focus! The focus of today's look is Eun jung from Tara and that's why Noona has been raving and raving on about Tara earlier. She looks pretty much different from her usual bob cut hair and she wears a simple yet cute pinafore dress. Noona always wonders if she should wear pinafore dress with or without other tops but looking from Eun Jung's style, it seems better to wear another top under the pinafore dress. Do you agree?

Steal Her Look: Tara Eun Jung's Pinafore Dress
How to get the look:

1. Petite denim cord mini button down pinafore dress in olive green, $28.50 from ASOS

2. Petite black dungaree dress, SGD 76.90 from Dorothy Perkins

3. Petite midi Pinny dress, SGD 53.90 from Dorothy Perkins

4. Caribbean Joe women's getaway bouquet polo shirt, $18 from Beallsflorida

5. White round neck ikat neat awesome floral crop blouse, $18.99 from Shein

6. Leder-sneakers superstar, EUR 99 from Adidas

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