Back to the past at Guci, Tegal

Noona often visited the hometown of her mother in small city of Tegal in Central Java, one of the island in Indonesia when she was little. Back in December, my mother side's family decided to have a reunion and Tegal was chosen as the reunion venue as most families could make the trip there easier compared to overseas trip. In addition, the cost incurred was pretty much economical too.

Guci is a natural tourist attraction which is located right on the outskirt of Tegal. It is located at the foot of Mountain Slamet and hence, the natural beauty and hot spring of the area. We went for a bit of excursion there since there is pretty much nothing else to do in Guci. After paying a 5,000 Rupiah (less than a dollar), we walked a bit deeper to see a small waterfall.

Back to the past at Guci, Tegal

The waterfall is really small but at least it's quite clean and peaceful in a way because there were not many people come in the morning.

Guci waterfall in Tegal

After having a short fun near the waterfall, we walked back to where we came from. Noona was so happy there are not many rubbish here. She supposes the entrance money is used to keep the area clean. Maybe.

Guci Natural Landscape Tegal Indonesia

There are a lot of bamboo trees nearby. With a bit of management, maybe they can compete with Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto? Haha Noona really thinks Indonesia has a lot of beautiful natural landscape but our people do not really know how to manage the asset that the country has. 

Bamboo forest in Guci Tegal Indonesia

The shot from below the trees. 

Guci Bamboo Forest Tegal Indonesia

Noona may not have the opportunity to come back here again so well, this may be a good bye, Guci. But never say never...

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