3D2N Bandung Trip: Humming at Hummingbird Eatery, Bandung

I have never thought that my cousin would suggest a cafe as one of the places to visit in Bandung. Well, for a start, I don't see him as a cafe-hopper but I suppose all of that attitude has changed since he has found himself a lover. Hehehe. The cafe which he suggested to us that day is Hummingbird Eatery which I think is located pretty much in central Bandung but it took us like forever to reach the cafe due to the bad traffic in the city. 

3D2N Bandung Trip: Humming at Hummingbird Eatery, Bandung

The interior of the cafe is pretty nice and it basically screams "please take picture of us" to me. Okay, I just pretty much love taking picture of a nice cafe.

Inside Hummingbird Eatery in Bandung

Since the cafe is named Hummingbird, there is an explanation (more like a tiny bit of biology class) on the wall about the bird itself. You can take this bit of information while waiting for the food and drinks I guess.

Hummingbird Eatery in Bandung Java

Menu-wise, Hummingbird seems to specialise in general cafe food like cakes, crepes, waffles and tea/ coffee. 

Drinks menu at Hummingbird Eatery Bandung

But since it's already pretty much near dinner time, I did not dare to order anything which have caffeine in it so my mum and I ordered juice instead. She ordered strawberry juice while I ordered mix berry juice. 

Strawberry juice at Hummingbird Eatery Bandung

The boys (my cousin and my brother) are not in the mood to order cakes so I ordered crepes instead because I figured it would be easier to finish this (as crepe is supposedly thinner) compared to cake if the boys refuse to eat. Hahaha. 

Crepes at Hummingbird Eatery Bandung

Mum is practically not a sweet tooth either. Oh well, you know for sure who ended up eating the most of the crepes. XD

Hummingbird Eatery's address:

Jl. Progo no. 14, Bandung
West Java, Indonesia

Opening hours:

7 AM - 11PM (except Sat up to 12AM)

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