3D2N Bandung Trip: Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park, Bandung

Back in December (whoa, that's like a half year ago, time flies), my family and I visited a popular tourist place named Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park in Bandung. Coming to Dusun Bambu has proven to be quite challenging because the road up here is not that big, and there are so many people want to come here which results in a massive traffic congestion. After a few hours of my cousin's effort behind the steer, we finally managed to reach Dusun Bambu. 

3D2N Bandung Trip: Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park, Bandung

The park is basically themed around nature with an area of paddy field, a lake with a lot of trees behind, a flower field, a river, strawberry field, rabbit petting area, etc. The main attraction of Dusun Bambu is gotta be the lake. The 6 houses at the other side of the lake can be reached if you are hiring boat to play on the lake.

Dusun Bambu Scenic Lake Bandung Indonesia

There are two types of boats, one looks like an inflatable rescue boat while the other looks like sampan (or canoe?). I am not really sure what is the purpose of the houses there, it can be purely decoration or restaurant but I suspect they are there for decoration purposes. 

Boat ride at Dusun Bambu Lake Bandung

The park at Dusun Bambu is really big and this is quite nice because it lets you take picture without getting photobombed by so many people. 

Beautiful river at Dusun Bambu Family Park Bandung

I wonder what kind of flower is this. The quantity of the branches is a lot more that the quantity of the flowers themselves. 

Flower at Dusun Bambu Family Park Bandung

As Dusun Bambu is located pretty uphill, most often you will be able to see the misty mountain weather. It's nice to feel cooling weather once in a while especially since downtown Bandung is quite hot. 

Dusun Bambu Forest at Bandung Indonesia

Dusun Bambu's opening hours:

8 AM - 9 PM (everyday)

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