3D2N Bandung Trip: Seeing European Village in Lembang, Bandung

Our adventure at Farmhouse continues. Farmhouse is actually a pretty newly established tourist attraction in Lembang, Bandung. The attraction was just opened back in December. The theme of the tourist attraction is actually inspired from a European village. This can be seen from the decoration of the stores and restaurants inside Farmhouse. 

3D2N Bandung Trip: Seeing European Village in Lembang, Bandung

The area is not very big and hence, you can expect a bit of crowd during school holidays or big holidays like Christmas. 

Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

Some little details on the wall. That tiles are so Dutch.

Wall decoration at Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

Talking about the Dutch, visitors are able to rent those traditional Dutch costume and wear it for photo-taking anywhere inside Farmhouse. I have to say that this is such a creative idea. Let's just hope they take proper washing of those costumes as Indonesian weather tend to be hot and humid and well, you don't want to smell other people's sweat when you wear that costume. XD

Traditional Dutch Costume Rental at Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

We were given some coupons for free milk and sausages. But if you are not into milk and sausages, there are other things that you can buy inside Farmhouse. For instance, there is this juice bar stall. The village suddenly looks pretty modern to me now. Hahaha. 

Juice Bar at Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

There is also a restaurant at level 2 of the most-corner house. The restaurant has not been opened when we visited back at end of December. Not many reviews can be found on the internet about the restaurant yet, I can't help but wonder if the restaurant has been opened after all. 

Restaurant at Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

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