Lunch of the day: Buta Ramen, Far East Square

Noona feels so tired these few days due to the upcoming tax return deadline (due tomorrow to be exact). The amount of work required to simply produce a few numbers is totally ridiculous. Up to the point that Noona feels like throwing in the towel every quarter. Yes, this freaking tax return due quarterly. So annoying. 

But anyway, work must not be the obstacle between you and your lunch. So Noona still makes it a point to meet up with her point whenever she got invited for lunch. Hahaha. Weak against food, she supposes. Buta Ramen is the chosen lunch venue for the day and Noona was lured in by the picture of Boss Rib Ramen. 

Lunch of the day: Buta Ramen, Far East Square

Boss Rib Ramen basically ramen served with pork ribs. The combination turns out to be quite good, Noona feels like becoming a fan of this ramen already. She's apparently not alone as the small eatery was quickly filled with lunch crowd. 

Pork Ribs Ramen at Buta Ramen Far East Square

Apart from the shitty amount of workload, Noona could not help but rolling eyes at the attitude of some people in the office. Some of them think they are brilliant enough (almost as good as heroes or saviour) up to the point that they think we will not be able to live a life without their existence. Duh, please. Nobody is indispensable. They should know that once they are no longer in the team (or in the company), well...that's the end of their existence. 

Sansa Stark Quote at Game of Thrones

Anyeong. Goodbye. Adios.

It's good enough they are not getting eaten by dogs on their last day. Really. 

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