3D2N Bandung Trip: Martabak Andir, The King of Martabak in Bandung

If you are on vacation to the city of Bandung, there is one street food that you must not miss. It is called Martabak and you can only get the best from Martabak Andir. Andir is not famous for nothing. You need to wait for a minimum of one hour just to get your hands on the hot piping sweet or savoury martabak. 

3D2N Bandung Trip: Martabak Andir, The King of Martabak in Bandung

For your reference, "Martabak Manis" refers to the sweet one (usually with chocolate, cheese, nutella, etc as fillings) while "Martabak Telor" refers to the savoury one which is cooked with a lot of eggs, choice of meat and spring onions. Huh? Oh you had no idea what is martabak?

Martabak Andir Manis & Telor Bandung

Martabak is actually something like a folded pancake. In order to make the pancakes, the hot buttery pans are prepared and then the liquid dough is poured on it to create this thick and yummy looking pancake. The thing about Martabak Andir is you can choose so many variety for the pancake from green tea, red velvet (the red one) and even taro (the purple one). The filling is then added on top of the hot piping pancake. Oh my gawd just talking about this makes me wanna eat. 

Martabak Andir Colorful Batter

We order two types of sweet martabak with Nutella Cheese Martabak. The nutella and cheese (Kraft cheese) are added on top of the original batter. The combination taste so heavenly since I am a nutella lover. 

Martabak Nutella Keju Martabak Andir Bandung

Despite the already-awesome nutella cheese martabak, the highlight of Martabak Andir is gotta be the Martabak Pandan Jagung Manis (directly translated to sweet pandan corn martabak). The pancake is green because it is fused with pandan leaves as coloring. There is no chocolate element in this martabak and hence, my mum has her slight reservation on this flavor. However, once she tasted it, there is no going back because the taste is so good. 

Martabak Pandan Jagung Manis at Martabak Andir Bandung

Uhm, well, let's keep closed eyes on the amount of butter used to whip out this goody street food. Hahaha.

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