Oink Noona: CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Marina Bay Sands

"Who's the sexy thing I see over there?"

The sexy thing is most likely not Noona because she has been stuffing herself with so many good food over the two weeks break. Anyeong! It has been a while, isn't it? Noona is alive and well, fatter. It's probably time to break the habit of slacking and binging food over Netflix and K-dramas starting tomorrow. Hahaha.

Noona would probably need to stop eating steak for a while since her last visit to CUT because the steak was so good (and so expensive), it's hard to beat the lingering feeling that Noona felt after eating this steak.

Oink Noona: CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Marina Bay Sands

CUT is a celebrity chef restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck, who Noona has no idea who he is until one day before dining at his restaurant. Prior to ordering the meat that you'd like for your steak, the waiter/ waitress will show you how the meats look like. Noona ain't meat expert and hence, all meats look the same in her eyes except for each degree of red-ness. But her noob eyes can tell that these meats are not gonna be cheap. Nuh uh. Do you want to guess which meat that Noona and her dinner date end up choosing for their dinner?

Meat selection from CUT by Wolfgang Puck at MBS

Steak goes well with wine but that's the case only if you like to drink wine in the first place. Noona gave these bottles of wine a miss because she does not really like drinking wine except moscato. 

Wine selection from CUT by Wolfgang Puck at MBS

Complimentary breadsticks are given to our table upon ordering. Noona does not know why but all these celebrity chef restaurants serve superb complimentary bread. 

Breadsticks from CUT by Wolfgang Puck at MBS

More complimentary breads are given but this time, the waiter will ask you which bread you'd like to have from his tray. He also advised us not to have too many breads because the steak that we ordered is HUGE. However, the impression that both of us are petite diners gone the moment he saw us gobbling the meat. #shameonus

Complimentary breads from CUT by Wolfgang Puck at MBS

We still ordered an appetiser despite knowing that the steak is huge. But the maple glazed pork belly taste so good. Yumz. 

Maple glazed pork belly from CUT by Wolfgang Puck

The steak comes with two side dishes to select. Noona wanted to try mash potato because what is steak without some potato? Noona kinda feels like a minion sometimes. Po-ta-to people! Oh right, how does the mash potato fare? The Yukon Gold Potato Purée tastes so heavenly but it does not taste that yummy once it is cold. So eat it fast! 

Yukon gold potato purée from CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Noona's dinner date ordered a bowl of onion rings and oh my gawd, this is the best onion rings that Noona has ever tasted in her whole life so far. Bye bye Burger King's onion rings. To be fair, the price is different so Noona probably should not even compare both of them in the first place. 

Tempura onion rings from CUT at MBS

Here comes the Porterhouse steak. You can choose what kind of sauce you want to have with your steak but we decided to go with the homemade sauce because after all, this was our first time dining at CUT. You can also ask the waiter to cut the steak and divide the portion equally but no worry, you can take picture of the whole steak before they cut them up. 

Porterhouse Australian Angus Grain Fed from CUT

What's left from the steak, the huge bone. Noona really feels like a hunter who enjoys the bounty despite the fact that she's not the one hunting. 

Porterhouse bone from CUT at MBS

Different kind of sauces and condiments are put on table to go with the steak. 

Mustards and sauces for steak from CUT at MBS

Bon appetit! Looking back at the dinner picture, we were such a glutton back then. Really. 

Nice Friday night dinner at CUT by Wolfgang Puck

But, what's dinner date between two girls without a dessert to complete them all? On top of that, we would be kicked out (albeit, politely) if we don't order anything else. Hmm, so many interesting selection for the dinner but most of them involved some kind of ice cream, which we kinda tried to avoid. 

Desserts menu from CUT by Wolfgang Puck at MBS

Eventually, we gave up on our resolution not to eat more ice cream and ordered Strawberry Shortcake. Guess what, this is the best Strawberry Shortcake that we have ever tasted ever. Oh my gawd, can Noona just come back here for the dessert? Hahahaha. 
Strawberry shortcake from CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Complimentary chocolates are also given toward the end of our meal. We kinda left it on the table because we were busy chatting until the waiter asked us politely to leave the place since there were so many people waiting for table at 9.30PM. Can you believe it? Noona would not want to dine at 9.30PM to be honest with you but apparently, these people is willing to do that. 

Complimentary chocolates from CUT at MBS

CUT by Wolfgang Puck is located at: 

2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-71
Galleria Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday 5.30PM - 10PM
Friday and Saturday 5.30PM - 11PM

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