Oink Noona: TWG Tea Salon, Marina Bay Sands

"Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid."

This is Noona's current favourite bible verses because recently all the things that she has experienced are really not good for her heart. So many uncertainties, unknown challenges and question marks which left to be answered and yet, there is no point thinking so much about these problems until losing sleep. Or losing appetite to eat. Hahaha. 

And with that mindset plus one very supportive friend, here we are at TWG Tea Salon one stop away from our office. That was the day where both of us got an approval to leave office two hours earlier than usual. We had actually made dinner reservation at 6PM but since we were early, we decided to just chill at TWG Tea Salon. Contemplating on what to have without jeopardising future dinner, we ended up ordering two scoops of tea-infused ice cream (SGD 9) and a pot of tea.

Oink Noona: TWG Tea Salon, Marina Bay Sands

There are only three kinds of tea ice creams offered at TWG Tea Salon, Earl Grey Fortune, Napoleon Tea and Vanilla Bourbon Tea. Noona chose the vanilla bourbon tea while her dongsaeng chose Earl Grey Fortune. Dongsaeng was a tad confused when she saw the Earl Grey Fortune came looking very similar to chocolate ice cream. Thankfully Noona remembered that she saw the word "chocolate" under the description of Earl Grey Fortune. Noona prefers the Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream though. 

Earl grey and vanilla bourbon tea ice cream from TWG Tea Salon

The tea that Dongsaeng chose was pretty good and soothing. Could not really remember the name but it is probably Vanilla Bourbon Tea (in real tea version not ice cream). TWG has so many tea selection, it is kinda futile trying to remember all its name. The ambience of TWG Tea Salon at Marina Bay Sands is really nice for chillaxing. Both of us feel like we are living a "tai-tai" (re: wife of rich husband who does not have to work) lifestyle enjoying our high tea while the commoners are working their asses off in the office. 

Vanilla Bourbon Tea from TWG Tea Salon

While we were enjoying our tea and ice cream, we talked about so many things from shitty workload, annoying people at work, people that we love, our family to our favourite band, Coldplay. Noona still put their songs on her Spotify's playlist few months after their concert in Singapore. The performance of "Something Just Like This" was just awesome. 

Something Just Like This song from Coldplay

OH, I want something...

Coldplay concert in National Stadium Singapore

...just like this. 

Something Just Like This from Coldplay at Singapore concert

Doo-doo-doo-doo. We totally sang along with Chris on this part. Hahahah. What an awesome night indeed, Noona did not regret that event for even a bit. 

Coldplay Something Just Like This performance at Singapore National Stadium

TWG Tea Salon is located at: 

2 Bayfront Avenue, #B2-65/68A
Marina Bay Sands

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday 10AM - 10.30PM
Friday and Saturday 10AM - 12AM

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