Oink Noona: New Green Pasture Cafe, Fortune Centre

"I think I was so happy without anything."

 Currently listening to Big Bang's One Last Dance and reading news about TOP being hospitalised. The life of these Korean idols are tough up to the point they need to consume drugs and get high. Hope he recovers soon and well. He's really a great artist and Noona thinks Big Bang will not be complete without him. Haiz. Such news making Noona feeling so blue. 

One fine afternoon, Noona's unnie at work invited her out for lunch. Since she happened to be free, Noona just agreed to the invitation and the Unnie wanted to try out vegetarian food at Fortune Centre, which is not located not near to our office at all. But Noona is not Noona if she is not up for a lunch time adventure. After changing MRT line and walk for a few minutes under the sun, they have finally reached New Green Pasture Cafe at level 4 of Fortune Centre.

Oink Noona: New Green Pasture Cafe, Fortune Centre

New Green Pasture Cafe was opened by a cancer survivor who since then turned vegetarian. The food sold here are made from organic stuff and hence, premium price. Unnie ordered a bowl of Thunder Tea Rice, a dish which Noona can't understand why people like to eat. The soup is minty and Noona could not get the idea of eating rice with minty soup logical in their mind. Nah. 

Thunder Tea Rice from New Green Pasture Cafe

But the bowl of thunder tea rice really looks good on its own though. Probably Noona can eat this without the minty soup. Hahaha. You can take the radish soup from the pot near the counter but you have to pay SGD 1 for unlimited amount of serving. Quite a good deal, but the ladle is so hot you need to be careful when taking the soup. 

Thunder tea rice from New Green Pasture Cafe at Fortune Centre

Noona ordered a plate of sesame soba instead. Are these giant bean sprouts? The portion of giant bean sprouts and seaweed are generous but I suggest you not to eat this dish if you are on a date or important lunch meeting because the seaweed bits and sesame can easily get stuck on your teeth. Taste wise, quite light and yummy (Noona loves sesame) but you will get hungry again around 4PM-ish. 

Sesame soba noodle from New Green Pasture Cafe at Fortune Centre

New Green Pasture Cafe is located at: 

190 Middle Road, #04-22 
Fortune Centre

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Sunday 11AM - 8PM
Closed on Mondays

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