Oink Noona: Dal Komm Coffee, Somerset

"Let's not fall in love, we don't know each other very well yet."
Anyeong! Do you ever have this feeling of having a crush on someone and yet the more you know that particular someone, you feel like suddenly there's a background song with TOP's voice saying "Uri saranghaji marayo"? Noona is having this weird feeling at the moment because she thinks that her crush has turned out to be crazy. Not in a criminally psychotic way but weird kind of psycho. Okay, Noona does not know how to explain this weirdo but...oh well, further observation required perhaps? Hahahaha. 

Talking about TOP, Noona hopes he recovers soon. Sobs. 

Oink Noona: Dal Komm Coffee, Somerset

When girls are in doubt, the next thing that they do is to meet up with other girls and talk about their life's problems away, including guy problem. Noona admits she herself often does this kind of things and thankfully her stories so far has not irritated any of her girl friends despite how weird/ unusual her storytelling skill is. This time, we are visiting one of the most-often-featured-cafe in K-drama worlds, Dal Komm Coffee. It was featured in Descendants of the Sun and Goblin and the famous cafe has opened an outlet at Centrepoint in Somerset. 

Cute dolls from Dal Komm Coffee at Somerset

If you recalled watching Goblin, Eun Tak was drinking a peach looking drink named Honey Grapefruit. Noona was kinda curious on how good the drink is so she ordered one glass of grapefruit juice. It tastes so refreshing and hopefully the drink is really filled with Vit C instead of sugar. Well, there's honey added to it though otherwise it will be super sour. 

Grapefruit drink from Dal Komm Coffee at Somerset

Cake-wise, we were not really attracted to the cake display at Dal Komm Coffee but decided to try out one of their cheese cake after all. The drinks taste better than the cakes. 

Cheesecake from Dal Komm Coffee at Somerset

Noona's other two chingus ordered sweet potato latte and hot version of Honey Grapefruit. The sweet potato latte tastes pretty unique and it is categorised under the non-caffeine drinks. So you will still be able to sleep even though you drink the latte pretty late at night. 

Sweet potato latte and hot honey grapefruit from Dal Komm Coffee

The hot version of Honey Grapefruit taste not bad either although Noona prefers the iced one. 

Hot honey grapefruit from Dal Komm Coffee

Dal Komm Coffee is located at:

176 Orchard Road, #01-01/02, 03/04, 05/06, 102/103
The Centrepoint

Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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