Oink Noona: CreatureS Restaurant, Farrer Park

"When we go crashing down we come back every time, 
cause we never go out-of-style."

Noona was totally out of ideas on where to hang out last Saturday so Chingu came to the rescue. Chingu's sister was actually the one who suggested the place which is named like somewhere from Harry Potter's world. Welcome to CreatureS! Please take out your wand and get ready to capture the magical creatures flying inside.

Oink Noona: CreatureS, Farrer Park

Okay, just kidding. CreatureS is a nice quaint little cafe located at the stretch of the road just a few blocks after the happening area of Mustafa Center. We reached the cafe around 5.30ish and we were informed that the table that was gonna be assigned to us was only available until 7.20. Hmm, okay, since Noona and her chingu were only going to have coffee and cakes, we figured that we would not sit for that long. 

CreatureS at Desker Road Farrer Park

No idea why the limited time was given to us because there were not many diners at that particular timing. Well, we might be wrong though, who knows that most people will start to flock in after 7.30pm? If you are looking for a cafe to chill solo, you may want to consider to come to CreatureS around the same timing as us and sit at this particular corner because it looks so nice (although there is no backrest provided on that kind of chair). 

Nice cozy corner at CreatureS

Chingu's order of cafe mocha came first and it looks so pretty on the table mat. 

Cafe mocha from CreatureS at Farrer Park

Meanwhile, Noona tried to be more adventurous by trying out something-out-of-the-norm such as Coconut Latte but turns out coconut does not go well with latte according to Noona's tastebud. Noona did not really fancy the coffee served at CreatureS because it's kinda too strong for her lousy caffeine intake level but at least there's Lotus biscuit provided at the side. #consolationpoint

Coconut latte from CreatureS at Farrer Park

We also ordered a slice of Thai Milk Tea Cheese Cake to share between the two of us because the sweetness of the cake will make our bitter life taste sweeter. Excuses, she knows but we like it anyway. 

Coffee and cake from CreatureS at Farrer Park

The Thai Milk Tea Cheese Cake from CreatureS tastes not bad although it does not reach the word "fantastic" in our cake-review-vocabulary. Hard to please, this crowd. 

Thai milk tea cheese cake from CreatureS at Farrer Park

The seats at the corner has pretty nice lighting for selfie, so take note of this location if you need to take selfie before eating. #selfiepoint

CreatureS Restaurant is located at:

120 Desker Road

Opening hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday: 12PM - 10.30PM
Friday and Saturday: 12PM - 11.30PM

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