Oink Noona: Hoshino Coffee, Holland Village

"I saw your face in a crowded place, but I don't know what to do."

Anyeong! Noona has a trip coming up in the next 2 weeks but she has not reached the ideal summer body shape yet. Eottoke? Based on what she googled, she has to go for such an extreme diet like what those celebrities went through if she wants to reach her targeted body goal by then. Oh my gawd, that sounds pretty much impossible because well, Noona was purely a glutton. Hahahaha. 

Well, for instance, you will not see any on-diet K-celebrity eating at a cafe during their crazy regime, right? But Noona has to maintain her social relationship with friends so here goes diet at Hoshino Coffee.

Oink Noona: Hoshino Coffee, Holland Village

Hoshino Coffee is a Japanese Italian cafe specialising in Omurice and Pasta dishes. In a glance, Hoshino Coffee's pasta kinda reminds Noona of Miam Miam's pasta, she starts to suspect both restaurant chains are owned by the same management. 

Food menu from Hoshino Coffee at Holland Village

Hoshino Coffee has a pretty interesting coffee and teas. Noona was quite interested at the Sakura Latte. But oh my gawd, why does the price have to be that expensive? 9 dollars for a hot latte is kinda too much because Starbucks does not have even price their latte that expensive, right?

Coffee and teas menu from Hoshino Coffee at Holland Village

If you are visiting Hoshino Coffee recently, you will see additional menu for their 4th Anniversary in Singapore. Hmm it feels like just yesterday that Hoshino Coffee appears in Singapore. Time really flies. 

Special menu from Hoshino Coffee Singapore

Despite the 9 dollars price-tag, Noona succumbed to the pinky sakura latte drink. Thankfully, the taste is not bad being sweet without overpoweringly sweet like macaron. But seriously, 9 bucks? This will be once in a lifetime event, my dear sakura latte. Hahaha. 

Sakura latte from Hoshino Coffee at Holland Village

Noona's chingu ordered matcha latte instead because she likes to play it safe in ordering food (boring, no?). The hot matcha latte is slightly cheaper at SGD 7.50. 

Matcha latte and sakura latte from Hoshino Coffee

Since Hoshino Coffee is having limited edition menu for their 4th Anniversary in Singapore, we decided to order one of their anniversary menus, Omurice and Angus Beef Steak Rice with Salad (SGD 18.80). Kinda wish the beef steak to be thicker but other than that, the dish is pretty good. Noona likes the way salad is prepared with Japanese sesame sauce. Yummy~

Beef steak omurice from Hoshino Coffee at Holland Village

Since we both know that our hunger will not be satisfied by just sharing a plate of omurice + beef steak, we ordered Shrimp, Avocado, Mozzarella with Tomato Sauce (SGD 15). The pasta served at Hoshino Coffee is leaning more toward al-dente style which Noona likes so much. She does not like her pasta to be soupy, which is what usually happen to cream pasta generally sold in Singapore. 

Tomato spaghetti from Hoshino Coffee at Holland Village

Hoshino Coffee has a lot of branches in Singapore but the branch that we visited is located at:

118 Holland Avenue 2,
Raffles Holland V #02-02

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday, PH Eve: 11AM - 10PM
Saturday, Sunday and PH: 9AM - 10PM

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