K-in-Singapore: Yummy Juu and Lovely Christmas Tree at Vivo City

Anyeong! How has everyone been doing? Have you completed your Christmas shopping yet? Noona has to buy one particular gift for gift exchange and the gift has to be suitable for both men and women. Omo. In addition, the gift has to be wrapped in red. Oh gosh, Noona has never scored A in her craft test back in primary school. Such a difficult condition for gift exchange indeed. Haha.

As usual, what supposedly be a gift hunt has ended to a feast and chat session with fellow chingu. We have found a yummy Japanese food place at unexpected place in Vivo City, the food court at level 3. To be exact, Noona has found someone posted about the Japanese food served by Washoku Goen, one of the stall in Vivo City's Food Republic. Washoku Goen specialises in Juu (which Noona thinks has something to do with the rice box?). Since Noona has been eating pork and beef for the past few days, she sticks to her choice of Chicken Juu that night and oh boy, it was so good, Noona finished the whole box. The price for the juu? 7 SGD! Oh yeay! 

K-in-Singapore: Yummy Juu and Lovely Christmas Tree at Vivo City

Since we were too full from all those meat and rice, we decided to wander for a while at level 3 of Vivo City and went outside to check out the annual Christmas decoration. Vivo City always display an amazing Christmas tree at its rooftop every year and the tree must be seen at night because all the lights decoration will be turned on by then. A pretty amazing view Noona has to say.

Christmas Tree at Vivo City Roof Top

The full display of the Christmas tree. It has an interesting twist of something which looks like Christmas theme park under the tree. Aww, don't you just love Christmas? ^^

Christmas Tree at Vivo City Singapore

Noona wondered if the walk really did her good because she ended up continuing the chat with chingu at another place, a dessert place to be exact. The one called Honeymoon Dessert. Honeymoon Dessert specialises in Hong Kong traditional dessert but it does have a modern twist about some of its menu. For instance, the dessert that we ordered use blueberry ice cream instead of those traditional green tea or red bean ice cream. Hahaha. 

Hong Kong Dessert at Honeymoon Dessert Vivo City

Washoku Goen's location: 

1 Harbourfront Walk, Food Republic
Level 3 of Vivo City

Honeymoon Dessert's location: 

1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-93
Vivo City

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