4D3N Bali Trip: Morning Walk at Legian Beach, Bali

Anyeong! Noona just came back from an early New Year dinner with friend because apparently she was too busy to meet Noona over the New Year weekend (geez). Oh well, Noona should have accepted the fact that she should be grateful enough that someone is willing to make some time for her since she does not have that many friends. She starts to wonder if she should start socialising more in the year 2017. Or maybe she should start enjoying dating herself. After all, loving yourself is not really a bad thing in life, no?

Or maybe she should start spending more time with her Omma. Just like the last time she walked with her Omma at the sandy Legian beach in Bali. Omma always manages to wake up so early (like before sunrise kind of early) and hence, she would wake me up every morning during our stay at Padma Resort Legian to walk alongside the beach.

4D3N Bali Trip: Morning Walk at Legian Beach, Bali

Despite having to wake up early, Noona enjoyed the walk alongside the beach. The sensation of stepping on the wet sands is just precious.

Morning walk at Legian Beach Bali Indonesia

The thing is, Legian Beach is not really situated on the east side of Bali and hence, you can't really see sunrise from this side. The sunset, however, will be more beautiful from Legian beach's side. 

Sunrise at Legian Beach Bali Indonesia

Watching the seawater comes and goes really have a positive effect on your soul. Noona can forget all about her heavy workload and life struggles for a moment when she's busy watching the natural movement of the seawater. If only she has an ipod playing Coldplay's songs right now but wait a minute, the purpose of this morning walk is to be closer to Omma and not to Chris Martin's voice. LOL.

Calming ocean therapy at Legian Beach Bali

One benefit that I notice if you wake up early to walk on the beach is that you have a lot of space to take cool picture with the wet sands, the coming seawater and blue sky as your backdrops. No one is around to photobomb you. Woots!

Good morning from Legian Beach Bali

At some parts of the beach, you can see the lovely trail of seawater creating imprints on the sandy beach. Chuwa~~~

Traces of seawater on sands at Legian Beach Bali

If you would like to enjoy the sea view on a more enjoyable seat, there are seats with umbrella beach available for use at the private parts of the beach which belongs to Padma Resort Legian. Unfortunately, Noona was too busy playing outside the hotel during her trip to Bali so she did not really have the chance to slack here. 

Sunbathing at Legian Beach Bali Indonesia

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