K-in-Indonesia: Bornga, Lippo Mall Puri

Noona has heard so much about her uncle's dementia condition but she has never really witnessed the moment when he become impatiently cranky especially when he has to wait for a long time. It happened that the lights at the shopping mall that we visited today in Jakarta has suddenly experiencing a blackout and hence, there is a mad rush of people coming out from the mall. That's understandable because who want to shop in a mall where the air conditioner is not working. The problem is, in order to reach the parking lot where my cousin parked the car, we have to walk all the way up (7 floors to be exact) and the escalators are not working due to the blackout. My uncle has become impatiently angry because my cousin took a while to reach the lobby (not his fault cause there are so many cars going to the same lobby to pick up passengers). Oh well, the whole situation is just tiring. No wonder my cousin looks pretty stressed lately with his dad's condition and his own wedding coming up in the next 7 months.

As usual, to cheer my post up, let's go check out our lunch before the blackout situation. Since there are a number of us, we decided to try Korean BBQ restaurant, Bornga at Lippo Mall Puri (the blackout happened at another mall though).

K-in-Indonesia: Bornga, Lippo Mall Puri

If you are a fan of Korean drama, you must have had seen Korean people in drama eat Korean BBQ, the kind whereby the cooked meat is wrapped by green lettuce and then eaten together with rice and other ingredients like kimchi or garlic and finally, dipped into the sauce. The people in the drama always look pretty satisfied after they have a mouthful of this Korean BBQ. Hahaha. Noona wonders if the magic is true. 

The lettuce wrap from Bornga Lippo Mall Puri

Customers will have option of whether you want your meat to be cooked in front of you or at the back (to avoid smell). The queue for the back grill is pretty long so we allow the waiter to prepare the grill on our table to cook the meat. While waiting for the grill, we stuffed ourselves with the side dishes. The macaroni covered in mayonnaise sauce at the right bottom part of the picture taste so good. No worry if your dining buddy has finished the whole side dish, because you can always ask for a refill. 

Korean side dishes from Bornga Lippo Mall Puri

We ordered the two speciality meat of Bornga, the Woo Samgyup and Samgyeopsal. Woo Samgyup is known as the star dish of Bornga. It is basically thinly sliced beef marinated in special sauce. Noona has no idea what sauce is that but the raw presentation of the sliced beef is enough to make her drool. 

Woo Samgyup from Bornga at Lippo Mall Puri

The next speciality meat, Samgyeopsal is actually pork belly. Don't be horrified by the layer of fats because fats make the meat taste good. 

Samgyeopsal from Bornga at Lippo Mall Puri

Being Indonesian, most of my family members need to eat rice so we ordered a portion of Dolsot Bibimbap to share. The funny thing about service in Bornga in Lippo Mall Puri is the waiter will offer to mix the bibimbap for you. Oh my gawd, Noona calls this laziness beyond belief because she personally enjoys mixing her own bibimbap. LOL. 

Dolsot Bibimbap from Bornga at Lippo Mall Puri

Right, here comes the cooking time. The best thing about having Korean BBQ is you don't have to dirty your hands cooking because  the waiter will cook the meat for you (and in front of you if you wish to). 

Cooking samgyeopsal at Bornga Lippo Mall Puri

Next is the Woo Samgyup's turn to be cooked. 

Cooking Woo Samgyup at Bornga Lippo Mall Puri

The best way to eat the meat is by taking the lettuce first to serve as the wrap and then you can add the rice, the meat, the garnish (kimchi, garlic, etc) and then wrap them all and put them into your mouth. Don't forget to dip the meat into the sauce if you want to add another flavor into the meat. The Woo Samgyup is already marinated though so Noona does not really need to add anything else into it. 

Cooked samgyeopsal from Bornga at Lippo Mall Puri

Bornga is located at:

 Lippo Mall Puri Unit 68 Food Avenue L1 #FCS8, Jalan Puri Indah, Jakarta  

  Opening hours:

 Daily 10AM - 10PM  

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