K-in-Singapore: Prego Ristorante, Fairmont Hotel

Anyeong! Merry Christmas peeps. Noona just realised she has not really listened to Christmas songs apart from the songs blasted throughout the shopping malls in Singapore and in church earlier and last Sunday. So finally, she decided to turn on Michael Buble's classic Christmas album tonight, when it's practically Boxing Day already. #betterlatethannever

Noona and her two best friends from junior and senior high school decided to hold their annual Christmas celebration at Prego Ristorante at Fairmont Hotel, which is located in City Hall. The restaurant is fully decked in Christmas decoration as well to blend with the festive season.

K-in-Singapore: Prego Ristorante, Fairmont Hotel

Noona's friend managed to secure a set menu at the price of SGD 55 nett per person and as the restaurant seems to be pretty packed, a lot of people may have snatched the same deal which could be bought from SISTIC. She forgot to print out the voucher though and had a momentary panic attack but thankfully the staff is nice enough to help us print the voucher (although it takes him or her quite a long time to think about a solution, a 30 minutes of thinking to be exact). 

Christmas dinner at Prego Ristorante City Hall

Just like any other Italian restaurant in town, Prego Ristorante gives you a complimentary basket of bread but after tasting the complimentary bread served at Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands, this basket of bread pale in comparison. The chili bits are nice though, especially when mixed with olive oil and vinegar. 

Complimentary bread from Prego Ristorante City Hall

  The set menu allows diners to choose one antipasti (appetiser), one pasta dish, one meal-of-the-day (i.e. Beef Stew), and one dessert for each person. However, the dishes that you can order are fairly limited to certain items. Pizza is totally excluded from the selection too and Noona is somewhat disappointed because she heard the pizza is really good here.    Anyway, we ordered a plate of fried calamari and two plates of parma ham for the antipasti. Noona thinks her Omma can fry better calamari, sorry Prego.  

Fried calamari from Prego Ristorante at Fairmont Hotel

Noona is not really the pro when judging a dish involving parma ham but her friend does not really like this. Especially after she tried the better version of parma ham served at Basilico. Noona makes a mental note that she should probably visit Basilico one day in the year 2017 since she's not going to go there in the following week. 

Parma Ham and Rock Melon from Prego Ristorante

The pasta comes in a super unglamorous plate ever amongst the Italian restaurants that Noona has visited so far in Singapore. Her friend immediately commented whether we are eating at Prego or Pastamania. (Hmm, another mental note to try out Pastamania one of this day). 

Pasta from Prego Ristorante Fairmont Hotel

The first pasta is crabmeat fusili in cream sauce. Noona is a fan of fusili especially when it's cooked al dente so this dish is passable to her. Hahaha. 

Crabmeat Fusili from Prego Ristorante Fairmont Hotel

For the next pasta, we decided to go with something Pescatore (i.e. Seafood). The seafood pasta is served in tomato sauce. The amount of seafood given is pretty generous Noona feels. Okay, another passable score then. 

Spaghetti Pescatora from Prego Ristorante Fairmont Hotel

The ravioli though...okay, the supposedly spinach and ricotta ravioli fares the worst in Noona's book. M&S Cafe serves a better version of tomato based spinach and ricotta ravioli really. 

Spinach and Ricota Ravioli from Prego Ristorante Fairmont Hotel

Okay, after the pasta dishes are served, here comes the next item on the menu, the beef stew. It looks like nothing much but the beef stew is really filling Noona up. The plating is not consistent though with a plate filled with more meats and a plate filled with more vegetables. Hahaha. So funny, we were already very critical at this stage and started scrutinizing every little details of the plate. 

Beef Stew from Prego Ristorante Fairmont Hotel

Okay since everyone has the same main, the beef stew, nothing much can be said about our main-of-the-day. Let's move on to the next item on the list, dolci (re: desserts). Noona's friend straight away went into rage mode when she saw the caramel apple sponge cake. Actually Noona does not think that badly of this dish although it looks kinda uhm she dunno...Noona's friend become more forgiving after she tasted a bite though. Hahaha. 

Caramel Apple Dessert from Prego Ristorante

The other dessert fares better and Noona personally thinks Prego should not even be able to mess up the classic Italian dessert, the tiramisu. By the way, do you guys often get choked on tiramisu powder when eating this baby? (Or does that only happen to Noona? LOL). 

Tiramisu from Prego Ristorante at Fairmont Hotel

Prego Ristorante is located at: 

2 Stamford Road, Raffles City

Opening hours:

Daily 6-11AM, 11.30AM - 2.30PM, 5 - 10.30PM

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