K-in-Indonesia: Coco Ichibanya, Gandaria City Jakarta

Noona had such a great day with a bitter ending yesterday. Her dongsaeng was such in a good mood (probably from the good deal he managed to get during the mall-hopping adventure) and yet he was involved in a small hit accident with another car when we were about to go home. To make matters worse, we did not realise the car following us back home and the angry ahjumma appeared from inside the car scolding us. Since Noona does not really know the way people in Jakarta settle this matter peacefully, she'd rather scold that ahjumma back. LOL. The ahjumma threat that she will come back to settle the score and Noona did nothing other than taunting her. Super bad indeed, this Noona. Obviously after listening to the whole story, both Noona and Dongsaeng got scolded by our own Omma. Bummer. 

Anyway, let's just talk about happier stuff like...lunch! Noona did not really try something new and uniquely Indonesian for lunch even when she's actually on holiday. This is because Mr Dongsaeng is bored with local food and he'd rather eat something with modern twist like the Japanese curry from Coco Ichibanya. Since Noona kinda likes the curry anyway, she decided to just go along with Mr Dongsaeng. 

K-in-Indonesia: Coco Ichibanya, Gandaria City Jakarta

This is the first time Noona ordered any kind of drink from Coco Ichibanya though because the same curry house in Singapore serves tap water for free. But there is none would want to drink tap water from any restaurants in Jakarta (or Indonesia, even). So here goes the hot green tea. 

Hot Green Tea from Coco Ichibanya Gandaria City

Since it has been few days with zero vegetables in Noona's dietary menu, it is time to add some healthy touch to our menu selection. When the Corn Salad (IDR 28,000) arrived, the salad does not totally look healthy at all though with all those Thousand Island dressing. Oh well. At least we ordered with a good intention. 

Corn Salad from Coco Ichibanya Gandaria City

Noona usually orders something like chicken katsu or sausages to go with the curry rice. However, it is time to order something different now. Noona ordered hamburg cheese curry rice instead. The dish looks kinda plain from a glance. 

Cheese Hamburg Curry from Coco Ichibanya Gandaria City

But once you cut the hamburg, supposedly the cheesy filling will ooze out. Let's try it out. Hmm, the cheesy filling is more like stuck inside the beef patty instead of oozing out but oh well, at least there is cheese instead. The combination of savory beef patty and cheesy filling works well with the level 1 spiciness of the curry sauce too. So all is well. LOL.

Hamburg Cheese Curry Rice from Coco Ichibanya Gandaria City

Meanwhile, Mr Dongsaeng's meal looks way more appetizing than mine seriously. He goes for the standard 0 spicy level for the sauce tho since he refused to pay more to add spicy level (stingy Dongsaeng but he's paying for the whole meal, so up to him then. Hehe). 

Chicken Katsu Curry Omurice from Coco Ichibanya Gandaria City

Coco Ichibanya is situated at

Gandaria City Mall Lantai UG No. MU26
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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