4D3N Bali Trip: Breakfast Buffet at Padma Resort Legian

Noona wonders if people become somewhat hormonal and easily excited for other people's social affairs once they got divorced. Hahaha Noona's friend feels excited for a 1% potential date in otherwise, Noona's dry life. This kinda makes Noona depressed somehow. What has she done through out her life?

Well one thing that she knows she can do well is enjoying life. And oh boy she did enjoy her stay well at Padma Resort Legian in Bali, especially when it is time for breakfast. Complimentary breakfast buffet for two pax is given for every room booked at Padma Resort Legian. The funny thing is Noona and her Omma actually planned to do a bit of morning walk by the sea but it was raining cats and dogs. So they took a detour to the restaurant and decided to have a sumptuous breakfast instead.

4D3N Bali Trip: Breakfast Buffet at Padma Resort Legian

Actually, you will not be able to eat like a bird whenever you are eating breakfast in hotel. This is because most hotels serve breakfast buffet and there is no way you eat so little when you dine in buffet style. Once you enter the restaurant where the breakfast is served, you will be welcomed with an array of juice selection from the normal apple, mango and orange to a unique one like kale. 

Juice Bar at Padma Resort Legian Bali

You can find a lot of croissants (which taste fabulous no matter if you pick chocolate or meaty filling), cakes and cronuts. Plain toasts are available too at the patisserie station of the breakfast buffet. 

Cronuts at Padma Resort Legian Bali

Oh right, here are the croissant that Noona was raving about earlier. You must get them (while they are hot).

Croissants at Padma Resort Legian Bali

Okay, moving on to the cooked meat station. If you love bacon so much, you will rejoice because you can have crispy bacon and back bacon. Noona particularly enjoys the back bacon very much despite the visibility of fat layers. #closeeyes

Bacon bar at Padma Resort Legian Bali

If you prefer your meat to be cooked in Chinese style, please help yourself to a piece or some pieces of char siew, which are served with brown sauce. 

Chinese roasted pork at Padma Resort Legian Bali

If you are adventurous and feel like tasting local cuisines, you can make your way to the local cuisine station and enjoy dishes like beef rawon (certain kind of beef stew) or nasi lemak (coconut milk infused rice). There are Indonesian desserts available for trying too like chendol, etc. 

Local Indonesian cuisine at Padma Resort Legian Bali

Local veggie-based dishes like gado-gado and ketoprak. 

Indonesian cuisine at Padma Resort Legian Bali

At the end, Noona's plate always looks like something from English Breakfast section. The red beans taste great after years not eating them. Really. Hahaha. You can get the egg station chefs to cook egg in whichever way you like it. 

Breakfast platter at Padma Resort Legian Bali

Three mornings like this and here comes rounder Noona. Hahaha. 

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