Taeyeon's Dresses are Now on Sale at Mixxo

Two is better than one? Wrong! Three is better than one and there are three dresses endorsed by Taeyeon for Mixxo which are currently on sale at Mixxo's online store. Noona is looking at the dresses while listening to her favorite TTS's song, Twinkle. The song is so catchy and it is so easy to get hooked to it. You can listen to it here

Okay, let's go back to Taeyeon's dresses. The dresses are giving different vibe one another but to make it faster, let's just take a look at Taeyeon's three different style with the dresses. 

1. Flower-dress Taeyeon

Noona loves this dresss although it looks like a long T-shirt because of the cutting. Is is great to be worn with a blazer too. The flower dress costs KRW 19,000 (after discounted from KRW 49,900). That is practically USD 16.00. Great deal indeed!

Taeyeon's Dresses are Now on Sale at Mixxo

2. Preppy Taeyeon 

Preppy is always a style that Noona feels like wearing. Although it's hard to do a mix and match with the hat and coat especially since Noona is living in tropical country *bawl*. The preppy dress has white and black color mixed up so it's great to pair it with another white and black items. Taeyeon pairs the dress with a white blazer-coat and black hat. If you are living in four-season country, this style will works best in autumn. The preppy dress costs KRW 29,000 (USD 24.00).

Preppy Taeyeon at Mixxo

3. Hot and Elegant Taeyeon

Who says Taeyeon can only look cute? She has proven that she can look mature, hot and elegant too in the body-wrapped dress by Mixxo. Noona admits she herself will not fit into this kind of dress very elegantly. If you are blessed with a hot figure like Taeyeon, you may want to buy this dress as it is currently sold at KRW 19,000 too (USD 16).

Hot and elegant Taeyeon at Mixxo

Which style do you like the most? 

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