Steal IU's Winter Look: Green Coat

Before we know it, it is already the third day of the year 2016. Have everyone had a great winter break? Oh right, first of all, let Noona wishes everyone a happy new year. Wishing everyone to have a happy year ahead. Noona herself has went home for Christmas and spent a wonderful time with her family for the last week (without internet and hence, the lack of posting in that particular week).

Okay, enough about the new year. It's time for another K-Fashion inspiration post. And since we are still in the midst of winter (unless you are residing in a tropical countries not affected by 4 seasons), let's take a look at another winter fashion inspiration. For the first inspiration of the year, Noona chose to look at IU's style of green coat. Who knows green can be so...stylish? 

There are so many tones of greens but Noona does not think it's right to wear light green coat in the middle of winter so it may be wiser to choose something khaki or teal instead. The first option falls on Olive Hooded Coat by Choies. The coat is currently on sale from USD 93.99 to USD 62.99. Sweet!

Olive Hooded Coat by Choies

If you prefer something more teal, the Toasty Transit Coat by Madden Girl is currently being sold at Modcloth at the price of USD 89.99.  Noona seldom sees coat in this color and she really falls in love with this coat from Madden Girl. ^^

Toasty Transit Coat by Madden Girl Modcloth

If you want to be a bit wizard-ish (okay, I also watched quite a number of Harry Potter reruns on cable over the holiday), how about going for a green cloak instead? The dark green cloak wool coat is kinda expensive at USD 149 at Etsy but it is really unique indeed. It will make you feel like you have enrolled at Hogwarts School. XD

dark green cloak wool coat Etsy

Which one of the green coat is your favorite? 

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