Steal Yoona's Cute Winter Look

Anyeong everyone. How is everyone coping with the new year so far? Any resolution to follow this coming year? Noona does not really have resolution because resolution creates so much pressure in life. If being happy can be made a goal, it should be Noona's goal for every year. January is a cold month for a lot of countries out there and hence, we are still in the topic of winter fashion trend. If you are in a room equipped with a heater, you can mix up winter and summer fashion. And that is basically what Yoona is doing for one of her photoshoot. A white sweatshirt and hot denim pants. Simple combination and yet, it works. 

Steal Yoona's Cute Winter Look

White sweatshirt is pretty common nowadays and it is easy to find one in the market. Topshop sells its Petite Brushed Sweat at the price of USD 40. Sweatshirts are pretty much comfortable clothing and Noona thinks that what makes them so popular. 

Topshop Petite Brushed Sweat in White

Mango also has its printed cotton sweatshirt in natural white and it is cheaper than the one from Topshop. Mango offers the white sweatshirt at a discount price from GBP 29.99 to GBP 19.99 (equivalent to USD 30).
Mango printed cotton sweatshirt in natural white

Denim shorts are Noona's favorite items too and it is really nice to be able to wear them in all season (although Noona does not think you can wear it outdoor during winter). Urban Outfitters is currently having sale too at its website. The 70s denim shorts is now sold at the price of GBP 21 (equivalent to USD 30.66) from the initial GBP 42.

Urban Outfitters the 70s denim shorts

If you prefer more dramatic denim shorts, ASOS has one and oh boy, the name of the denim shorts is kinda long. It is called "Your Eyes Lie Low Rise Denim Shorts with Patchwork Distressing". What a mouthful. The good news is, ASOS is also having a sale currently. The pair of denim shorts now costs USD 13.69. A great offer considering it was initially priced at USD 47.90.

Your Eyes Lie Low Rise Denim Shorts with Patchwork Distressing from ASOS

Keep calm and enjoy the winter weather everyone. Stay warm!

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