Porridge Brekkie at Bonjuk (본죽), Myeong-dong

I never thought that I am gonna be so mesmerised by eating juk (re: rice porridge) in Korea. If you are a porridge fan, you may want to try Bonjuk (본죽), which is a leading rice porridge franchise restaurant in Korea. Apparently Bonjuk has also reached international audience at USA, Japan and Malaysia. I went to the branch at Myeong-dong which is located pretty near to my hotel in one of my visit to Seoul. The branch is located at the building near Uniqlo at Myeong-dong.

Bonjuk has a pretty cozy setting and it is perfectly fine to eat here by yourself (do note that some restaurants in Korea does not allow single diner). Bonjuk opens for everyday except for every second and fourth Sundays of each month. They categorise the porridge menu by type i.e. premium juk, seafood juk, special nutritious juk, juk for hangover (wow!), and traditional juk. 

My menu that morning is the oyster and mushroom juk. The portion is big but they don't allow sharing so I suppose this will last you until late afternoon (if you can finish, that is). 

Oyster and mushroom Juk at Bonjuk Myeong-dong

How come Korean manage to maintain perfect figure if their meal portion is always big? 

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