Korean Dessert Cafe Sulbing, Myeong-dong

Sulbing is a Korean dessert cafe chain which can be spotted everywhere in Seoul. We wanted to try the famous Korean ice-shaved dessert (re: bingsu) so we made our way to one of Sulbing's many locations in Myeong-dong. Sulbing is located right on top of Nature Republic. You just need to look at the word "Korean Dessert Cafe" if you cannot read the word Sulbing in Korean.

Korean Dessert Cafe Sulbing, Myeong-dong

The creator of Sulbing majored in food during her study in Japan. She came back to Korea and opened Sulbing with an aim to make Korean dessert more high end without losing the love of the people, of course. And voila, here come the famous dish sold at Sulbing, the Injeolmi Sulbing. It is basically the famous shaved-ice Korean dessert which is served in a big bowl. 

Eating dessert at Sulbing Myeong-dong

There are so many flavors to choose for the Injeolmi Sulbing, Noona is having a hard time choosing. She and her friend finally picked the "Premium Mango Coco Snowflakes Sherbet" topping. It is described as "coconut milk and cheese cake served atop apple mango". The end product really looks so beautiful...and big. 

Premium Mango Coco Snowflakes Sherbet Injeolmi Sulbing

Sharing is caring, people! I don't think you can finish this by yourself. Hahaha. 

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