Steal Nana's Ocean Winter Look: Grey layering

Nana has a photograph session for Grazia magazine for the pictorial of December issue. And as usual, Nana nailed it very well. It's winter but that does not mean you cannot go to the ocean side to show some style. Oh gosh, Noona thinks the weather must be freezing cold when the picture was taken. Brr...

Steal Nana's Ocean Winter Look: Grey layering

If you are going to the sea side in the winter time, you definitely need to up your layering game. And how about layering some greys?

First, you will need the cable knit pullover sweater in grey. offers one at the price of USD24.99 but Noona is quite sure that you can easily find pullover sweater in grey anywhere during winter time.

Maykool Grey Cable Knitted Pullover Sweater

The main star of this look is the outer jacket and in order to make the layering works, you need to choose the similar color tone to the knitted pullover sweater. So let's go for another grey jacket. Beanpole is currently selling an amazing grey outer jacket on a reduced price from KRW 979,000 to KRW 685,300 (USD 565). Yes, the price for Beanpole items is never cheap. 

Beanpole Grey Outer Jacket

Noona does not know how Nana managed not to have her legs frozen but pairing skirt and layered top works. So ladies, if you want to be fashionable in winter days, just drink soju before you go out and you'll be fine wearing skirt outside. Modcloth offers the black skirt (which it calls imperative narrative skirt) at the price of USD59.99.

Modcloth Black Imperative Narrative Skirt

Alternatively, you can also choose the black skirt from Chicwish which is currently on sale and hence, it is slightly cheaper than Modcloth's skirt at the price of USD 42.42.

Chicwish Black Cut Out Flower Skirt

Once you get the clothes right, don't forget to cover your foot with a pair of amazing black suede ankle boots. The black sueded fringed ankle boots from River Island seems to be able to handle the job well at the cost of USD90

black sueded fringed ankle boots from River Island

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