Fur Hooded Leather Coat, a Must Have in the Cold Weather

This Vogue pictorial by Sooyoung is not new. In fact, it was shot back in September 2015. But, the weather 5 months later is still super cold in certain parts of the world and hence, we can't really start wearing spring fashion yet. But hang in there (if you hate winter), cold days will surely end and you will start seeing flowers again. And your spring clothes. =P

The nearest coat which Noona can find in the market which kinda resemble Sooyoung's coat for Vogue magazine is the fur hooded long jacket from Holyreal. It does not come cheap though at the price of USD 924.25. The price of the outerwear can go right out to the space, really. 

With that kind of thick outer wear, Noona think you can afford to wear a sleeveless turtleneck sweater inside. ASOS is currently selling one at the discounted price of USD 34.21. A real deal because the price has ben cut from its original price of USD 82.11.

ASOS Minimum Sleeveless Ribbed Turtle Neck Jumper

The key to this look is not to wear all black but since the coat and the turtleneck are already black, we can only improvise in the color of the leather skirt. How about going for some burgundy for a change? The whip-stitch detail faux leather mini skirt burgundy from Missguided costs USD 36.

whip-stitch detail faux leather mini skirt burgundy from Missguided

If you prefer something more reddish, Missguided also has a faux leather asymmetric mini skirt which costs slightly cheaper at USD 28.

faux leather asymmetric mini skirt Missguided

Fashion aside, have you started to plan your travel itinerary in 2016? January passed by so fast Noona barely has time to do anything else apart from working. Damn!

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