Steal Sandara's Edgy Look for Penshoppe

Sandara has become more and more famous in the Philippines especially after her fashion endorsement deal with Philippines brand called Penshoppe. Sandara is always known for her photogenic flair and Noona thinks Penshoppe's decision to get her to endorse their products really works for them in a positive way. For instance, Noona has never heard of the brand before until Sandara become its face. The style that Noona particularly like is actually not new and she thinks the style was featured for the fall last season but utilitarian jacket can last forever just like denim. So, why don't we take a look at Sandara's edgy look for Penshoppe?

Steal Sandara's Edgy Look for Penshoppe

While Noona never match short with utilitarian jacket before, she thinks this style is not bad and workable for us, normal people. For the utilitarian jacket, you can go for Factorie's florence anorak (which Noona managed to find in Zalora) which comes with a hoodie, front pockets and waist drawstring for better cutting. The anorak costs USD 55.30 at Zalora.

Factorie's florence anorak at Zalora

Alternatively, you can also choose Kikideli's polka dot parka. Don't get scared by the words "polka dot" because the pattern is only for the inner part of the hoodie. The parka costs USD 33 at Zalora. 

For the inside, you can go for something which looks like what Sandara park is wearing for her photoshoot. The Hut's ivory rope top comes pretty close enough and it costs USD 93 at

Ivory rope top from the Hut

If you prefer a shorter top, how about an abstract printed boxy top by Definitions Definitions. The idea here basically is to have something with printed pattern because the utilitarian jacket usually plain without any pattern. The printed boxy top only costs USD 13, oh my gawd.

abstract printed boxy top by Definitions Definitions

Sandara paired the whole look with a pair of acid washed short. Abercombie & Fitch's High Rise Shorts may just do the trick and it costs only USD 19 on its website. 

Abercombie & Fitch's High Rise Shorts

If you prefer your short not to be fully washed in acid, you can opt for a pair of short from River Island instead. Its light acid wash distressed ruby denim shorts costs twice more compared to the A&F's pair though at USD 43.

River Island light acid wash ruby denim short

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