Steal Krystal's Look from Giordano: Polka Dot and Stripes

Giordano, an international fashion brand, has worked together with Krystal for their latest Spring collection recently. Giordano is known for its basic style and yet, it seems that 2016 is the year to go back to basic (without compromising style, of course). After all, basic does not have to be boring. Noona loves in particular how Krystal mixes the polka dot cardigan and stripes top. Who says that pattern cannot go together?

Steal Krystal's Look from Giordano: Polka Dot and Stripes

The good thing about Giordano is that this fashion brand is very affordable and they have a lot of color choice for one particular item. The polka dot cardigan that Krystal wears is available in 15 different colors. The cardigan costs USD 24.17.

Giordano Polka Dot Cardigan

Noona really really likes the top that Krystal wears. The striped top is available in 8 different patterns and it costs only USD 13.62

Giordano Striped Tops

How about the denim pants? The denim pants come in 5 different color and it costs USD 40.38

Giordano Denim Pants

The whole look costs less than USD 100, my goodness. Isn't this considered a good deal? 

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