Kkul Dak, the yummy honey chicken from Korea

Kkul Dak (which literally translates into Honey Chicken) is a popular honey chicken joint in Korea and now, it has landed in Singapore. The CEO of the business is only 27 years old, oh my gawd. Kinda makes Noona wonder what went wrong in her life because she did not have any business in her name after passing the age of 27. XD

Okay, rather being depressed with her life, Noona will just focus on the chicken. The yummy honey chicken to be exact. Kkul Dak offers two type of honey chicken. For a start, there is the original honey chicken which taste kinda sweet because well, the sauce is made from honey. 

Honey Chicken at Kkul Dak Singapore

While the other flavor has an extra kick in its flavor because it's spicy honey chicken. You can ask for a taste prior to ordering. After tasting the two flavours, Noona personally prefers the spicy honey chicken. The spiciness level is still acceptable because it is not as spicy as those ma la pepper which can make you cry. 

Spicy Honey Chicken at Kkul Dak Plaza Singapura

Kkul Dak also sells rice and japchae (re: Korean stir fried vermicelli). It has the combo or rice + kimchi + honey chicken however, Kkul Dak did not sell a combo of japchae + honey chicken. 

Japchae at Kkul Dak Plaza Singapura

So Noona has to order both japchae and the honey chicken separately and hence, the bill comes at a higher price. However, the combination of japchae and spicy honey chicken is wonderful. The japchae is savoury in flavour and yet it mixes well with the spicy and sweet honey chicken. Portion wise, Kkul Dak is pretty generous with the japchae too. 

KKul Dak Japchae and Spicy Honey Chicken

You can find Kkul Dak outlet at basement level of Plaza Singapura. 

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