Huge Piece of Korean Chicken at Chir Chir, Somerset 313

Those who have watched Korean drama or visited South Korea before would have already known the Korean's love toward fried chicken. Especially when you can have it together with a pint of beer. The famous Korean fried chicken franchise called Chir Chir has also joined the competition of Korean fried chicken in Singapore and it sets up its restaurant at Somerset 313. If Noona is not mistaken, Chir Chir seems to be doing quite well because it can afford to open another branch at Chinatown. 

Chir Chir basically sells Korean version of fried chicken in different kind of sauce. Do note that Chir Chir does not serve small portion. The smallest portion can easily feed 3 - 4 people. That's probably the reason why each of their chicken-based dishes costs from S$24.90 to S$32.90. Every table will be provided these basic cutleries to eat the chicken.

Huge Piece of Korean Chicken at Chir Chir, Somerset 313

We decided to order the chicken-based dish called Nest Snow (S$32.90). Based on the menu, Nest Snow is basically spicy cajun chicken tenders perched on top of a bed of sweet potato puree and drenched by a sea of cream sauce at the base with few bits of greens. The white cream you see on top of the chicken tenders is whipped cream and there are shavings of cheese on top of the whipped cream. No, please don't start thinking about exercising when you see this. 

Nest Snow at Chir Chir Somerset 313

A lot of tables are ordering the whipped cream beer so we were kinda curious how does it taste. And hence, we ordered one glass of whipped cream beer to satisfy our curiosity. A group of ahjussi (re: uncles) at the nearby table keep on looking toward our direction because they were wondering how on earth a girl gonna drink this beer. 

Korean whipped cream beer at Chir Chir Somerset 313

The easiest way to drink is by asking for a straw but hey, beer are not supposed to be drink like that, right? Immediately after those irritating uncles left their table, we gulped the beer and have fun with the trace of whipped cream on our lips. Hehehe. 

Whipped Cream Beer at Chir Chir Somerset 313

Chir Chir is pretty much crowded especially on a weekend. Do come earlier before lunch or dinner time to get a shorter waiting time. =P

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