Steal Nicole's Look: Denim Overall

It has been a while since the last time Noona heard news about Nicole but it seems that the lady is doing pretty well currently promoting solo. Her latest pictorial with K-Wave shows a different side of her because as far as Noona remembers, Nicole usually has shorter hair back then when she was active with KARA. Oh my, can't believe that KARA is just a memory now since the group has disbanded recently. But nothing good can be gained by lingering in the past so let's all move forward and discuss the latest fashion adopted by Nicole. 

Nicole is spotted wearing denim overall and brown top. Simple stuff and yet it works well with her long wavy brown hair.

Steal Nicole's Look: Denim Overall

The good thing about denim overall is, well, you can just wear anything under it. A plain top, a patterned top, whatever you'd like. Urban Outfitters offers a denim overall at a lighter shade from the one that Nicole wears at the price of USD 129

Urban Outfitters Rolla's Trade Overall - Light Blue

If you prefer the black denim overall, you can buy one at Topshop now. The good thing about Topshop is they have two sizes for its denim sub-brand, Moto. Regular and Petite. So shorter girl like Noona does not have to cut her trousers or overalls if she goes for the Petite size. The black denim overall is currently on sale at the price of USD 45

Topshop Moto Petite Slim Denim Dungarees

Now, let's discuss the inside top. Noona thinks basic tees will be enough to do the style and they are great because they don't cost much.  The contrast collar striped loose t-shirt from Romwe only costs USD11.50

The contrast collar striped loose t-shirt from Romwe
Or if you want to play with the top a bit, you can opt for the turtleneck too. Boohoo currently sells the tia turtle neck rib knit short sleeve jumper at the price of USD 20

Boohoo tia turtle neck rib knit short sleeve jumper

And now, let's talk about the shoes. Nicole does not really show her sneakers in the pictorial but we can see a glimpse of gold under the denim overalls. Noona thinks a pair of gold sneakers works well with the overall style too and she found two great options for the sneakers. The first one comes from Keds and the pair costs USD 54

Keds Metallic Golden Sneaker

While the second one comes from Converse and it really BLINGS because it is made from sequins. The Chuck Taylor All Star sequin sneakers costs USD 61 at

The Chuck Taylor All Star Converse

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