Jumbo Korean Bingsu at Caffe Bene, Vivo City

Noona was getting very excited when she heard that Caffe Bene, a popular coffee chain from South Korea, has finally landed in Singapore. To be exact, at level 2 of Vivo City. When Noona and her friend visited Caffe Bene, they were not receiving any customers because they had problem with their ordering and payment system. Noona thought they should just go on with manual way of ordering and keying payment but they chose to close the place for a while. Oh well, we came back around two hours later and they were back in business. Thankfully. 

Jumbo Korean Bingsu at Caffe Bene, Vivo City

Caffe Bene serves mostly coffee, Korean bingsu, waffles and toasts. You can check out the display of those main dishes that Caffe Bene serves in their cafe. 

Caffe Bene Menu at Vivo City

Noona's friend refused to share that jumbo glass of Korean bingsu so we ended up ordering waffle which is served with a scoop of gelato (you can choose two but of course with additional cost). We chose dark chocolate gelato for the ice cream. The gelato and waffle taste so so. Nothing too fantastic about it. 

Dark Chocolate Gelato Waffle at Caffe Bene Vivo City

On the other hand, the garlic & cheese bread taste pretty yummy. You don't get sick of eating too much cheese and the combination of the cheese topping and the garlic toast works pretty well together. 

Garlic & Cheese Bread at Caffe Bene Vivo City

On another visit to Caffe Bene with Noona's cousin, he agreed to share the jumbo Korean bingsu. Noona let him choose the flavor (as he will do most of the eating in the event that Noona gave up on eating anymore ice). He chose Green Tea Bingsu and on top of the bingsu, the server will throw in a lot of toppings like red bean and almond nuts. To complete the look, a big dollop of whipped cream (not ice cream unfortunately) are put on top of everything. Surprisingly we can finish the jumbo bingsu (Noona supposes because after all, this is mainly made from ice and ice equals water?). The toppings, the whipped cream and the green tea shaved ice taste pretty good when it is mixed. And this is a good dessert to share if you have a lot of things to talk about as you will not be able to finish this bingsu in a short time. XD

Green Tea Korean Bingsu at Caffe Bene

Thanks Steve for fulfilling the curiosity of his greedy cousin. 

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