Steal's Yoona Look: It's The Time to Wear Pink

Even when she has already a grown-up, Noona loves wearing pink. But it's kinda difficult for a grown up woman to wear pink without being ridiculed of trying to look younger than her age. Hard truth. One of the trick to avoid the ridicule is by making the pink subtle.  Wear one neutral color and pair it off with the pink stuffs. Like what Yoona does here with her navy bomber jacket and pink skirt/ dress (not very clear from the picture). 

Steal's Yoona Look: It's The Time to Wear Pink
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For the bomber jacket, Noona found this strikingly cool navy bomber jacket from River Island. It is knitted and it costs $100. It seems to be quite popular item from River Island so better grab it quick if you like it. 

River Island Blue Bomber Jacket

Noona can't really see if Yoona was wearing top and pink skirt or pink dress underneath the bomber jacket because hers is pretty baggy (and looks comfy too). I suppose both skirt and dress will work if you put your bomber jacket on. For pink dress, you may want to go for this structured skater dress from True Decadence. The pink skater dress currently costs $57 (GBP40) at House of Fraser's website

Pink Dress from House of Fraser

If you are content with just a skirt (well, it's cheaper too compared to the dress), how about this cute pink skirt with heart buttons from YesStyle? The metallic button mini skirt costs $52.90 at

Pink Mini Skirt from

Yoona wears sneaker with earthy color to make the whole look neutral. The Keaton slip on sneaker from Michael Kors looks pretty good to complete the whole look. The pair of slip on costs $99

Michael Kors Keaton Slip On Sneaker

Don't forget the last bit of the whole look, the pink clutch. It's quite nice to match the look with different kind of pink for the clutch. How about a brighter pink for the clutch? Kenzo's tiger clutch is quite cute to bring and it costs $150 only. 

Kenzo's tiger clutch

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