Steal Taeyeon's Edgy Chic Look: Leather Short and Military Boots

Anyeong!!! Long time no see. Noona just came back from her summer holiday (yep, it's summer in Australia and they had a heatwave spell) and she couldn't avoid getting tanned. Even with the frequent applications of sunblock. The saying about the UV level in Australia is really true. If you are visiting Australia in summer, don't forget your sunblock. 

Back to fashion business, Noona can't wait to see a lot of inspiration from the internet. Especially from her favourite celebrity, Taeyeon from SNSD. Taeyeon is usually spotted in her simple ensemble when she needs to go to SM building for work. This makes her style is easy to follow without making us going without eating properly in the next few months after buying clothes. Taeyeon is spotted wearing a combination of olive jacket, black top, leather short and military boots. Edgy right?

Steal Taeyeon's Edgy Chic Look: Leather Short and Military Boots

Okay, let's break down the items. For the olive jackets, ASOS is selling this Only Suede Jacket at $51 (a discounted price from the initial $69). Do note that the material of the olive jacket is suede and that's mean, don't wear it when it's raining. 

Only Suede Jacket at ASOS

If you hate suede, you may choose the olive jacket from Gap instead. The utility swing jacket is made from cotton and it costs $69.95 on Gap's website. 

Gap utility swing jacket in olive

The black top is the easiest to find. You can actually find them on any price that you'd like. However, if you want to make it slightly branded, you can go for this black plain tee from Marc by Marc Jacobs at $52 (40% discount from the initial price $88). 

Black Tee from Marc by Marc Jacobs
It seems that a lot of fashion brand is having a sale currently, Topshop also joins the trend and this pin-stud leather short is now only $90 (original price $160). This makes Noona reluctant to buy anything at the original price, really. 

Topshop pin-stud leather short

I always envy those of you who are living in four season country (although I don't particularly like winter, can I live in three season country then?) because it's so awesome to wear boots during spring, autumn and winter. Living in a humid weather, wearing boots is kinda...torturing (and weird too). The Tropa2 Steve Madden Women's Lace Up Combat Boot (that's a long name) makes a good military boots at $109.95. It comes in various color but Noona loves the black the most. 

Steve Madden Tropa2 Lace Up Boots

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