Park Shin Hye's Spring Look for Roem

Spring has officially come and it's time to wear all those sweet stuff (yup, some clothes can give this sweet vibe about yourself) that you have been keeping inside your wardrobe over the winter. Roem has gotten itself a new muse for 2016 and it is the beautiful Park Shin Hye. Awww! This makes Noona wants to copy Park Shin Hye's sweet style immediately. Hahaha. 

While the whole ensemble can be bought over at Roem, all of us who are staying on the other side of the world can only caress the image of these clothes in our laptop monitor sometimes. So let's look at the other alternatives which we may be able to get in shops nearby. Since it's spring, floral and lace are making a comeback and this is reflected in Park Shin Hye's top from Roem. Topshop's pintuk diamond lace blouse can be another alternative to give the sweet touch of your clothes. The lace blouse costs $80 over at Topshop's website

Topshop's pintuk diamond lace blouse

If you want floral patter for your tops, Rebecca Minkoff's Isabella Lace Crop Top may do the trick. It costs $248 at Bloomingdales' website. I guess the price tag comes in proportion with the big name. Hehe.

Rebecca Minkoff's Isabella Lace Crop Top

Right, come back to something which is more budget-friendly. How about the three-quarter-sleeve lace blouse from Macy's. The lovely lace adds a sweet touch to the top. The lace blouse costs $59.50.

Three quarter lacey blouse from Macy's

For the bottom, you just need to find a dark skirt to go with the top. Navy may be a good idea. This modern stripe skirt from Topshop costs $50 now (discounted from $68). 

Topshop's modern stripe navy skirt

If you don't like the stripe in Topshop's skirt above, how about going for the plain navy skirt from Charlotte Russe. The midi skirt costs $26.99 at Charlotte Russe's website.

Charlotte Russe's Plain Navy Midi Skirt

We can't really see what Park Shin Hye is wearing down there, but Noona thinks the whole look will match a pair of peach-tone sandals/ shoes. The pair of platform wedges from Miu Miu matches Noona's imagination perfectly and it costs $155 online.

Miu Miu Platform Wedges in Peach

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