Steal Tiffany's Boyfriend Blazer Style

Tiffany from SNSD is a pretty prominent figure in the fashion industry and recently she keeps appearing in the Instagram and other social media because she has been invited to many fashion shows for Korea Fashion Week. Tiffany really has a good sense of fashion and she looks good in basically everything. Even when you only give the lady a blazer, tee, jeans and ankle boots. She makes them looks awesome. 

Boyfriend blazer seems to be the in-thing for forever. Even until now, it still comes in many different colors. Forever 21 has two type of boyfriend blazer. The first one is the contemporary open-front boyfriend blazer and it comes in two color, wine and teal. It is currently on sale and only costs $22.32 on Forever 21's website.

contemporary open-front boyfriend blazer from Forever 21

The second type is only called open-front boyfriend blazer (without the word contemporary I don't know why). It costs slightly more expensive toward the contemporary style at $26.32.

Forever 21 Open Front Boyfriend Blazer

Noona thinks you can wear basically any t-shirt to go with the boyfriend blazer look. Since Tiffany wear cream t-shirt, let's find similar alternatives for the t-shirt. The swing T-shirt in stripe from ASOS costs $21, which is pretty similar to the blazer at F21. Crazy.

ASOS Cream Stripe Tops

While another cream t-shirt from Topshop costs $28. More expensive than the blazer. Hahaha.

Topshop The Nashville Tour Tshirt

The jeans is also not difficult to buy. Topshop's MOTO Deep Blue Joni Jeans costs $65 on its website. 

Topshop Moto Denim Joni Jeans

Now let's deal with the shoes. To be honest with you, ankle boots really makes the whole look seems cool. If you want sturdy support (which translate into bigger heel), you may want to go for the vagabond grace platform ankle boots from Urban Outfitters. The pair is currently on sale from $140 to $100.

Urban Outfitters Vagabond Grace Platform Ankle Boots

If you prefer stiletto kind of heels, you can go for Guess Declan which features edgy high ankle silhouette and sleek design. Noona can't stand on this edgy high heels for along time without any pain, really. But some girls can pull it off though. If you are one of those girls, the pair is also on sale from $149 to $74.99

Guess Declan Blue Ankle Boots

Last but not least, let's complete the look with a glittery silver clutch. Kate Spade New York's glitter-embellished clutch is currently sold at $55 at TheRealReal's website. It looks pretty classy. 
Kate Spade New York's glitter-embellished clutch

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