4D3N Bali Trip: Dining by the sea at New Moon Cafe, Jimbaran

Anyeong! It is soon gonna be the day where the attached is busy spending money for the loved one while the single is reminded of their singlehood status, yep, the V-day. If you are not interested in the day itself, how about planning for a trip instead? Noona herself has been wondering if she should go for another short trip (like a week-kind of a trip) but for now, let's just reminisce the good ol' time in Bali while saving up money for the next trip.

If you have the chance to go to Bali, you should never miss out the chance to dine on the beach. Jimbaran beach is famous for this dining experience and once should not go to Bali without experiencing this activity at least once in their trip. The famous restaurant to go to for this kind of activity is usually Menega Cafe but our driver insisted us to try New Moon Cafe. Probably because he earns commission from this cafe instead of Menega. 

4D3N Bali Trip: Dining by the sea at New Moon Cafe, Jimbaran

Oh well, anyway all of these cafes/ restaurants are located alongside the same beach, Jimbaran so we decided to go with the driver's wishes and go find our table. There were so many tables available when we came around 5PM-ish. The sun sets around 7PM in Bali so we had so much time to kill while waiting. 

New Moon Cafe at Jimbaran Beach Bali

The best way to kill time here is by chatting the afternoon away. Since there were 6 of us, the conversation seems to just keep on flowing from the usual family matters to work to life/ worldly affairs. Or anything random under the sun, really. 

Jimbaran Beach in Bali Indonesia

The sun set at Jimbaran Beach was pretty cloudy back then so we could not really catch a beautiful round sun coming down under the sea kind of sunset. Instead, before we know it, the sun has already went down behind the clouds and disappear right beneath the horizon. 

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach Bali Indonesia
We would not be able to last that long while chatting if we did not order a fresh young coconut. Sweet and refreshing indeed. 
Young Coconut Drink at Jimbaran Bali

Since the sun is setting, it's time to make some orders for dinner. We were too lazy to move to another dining spot anyway. When you are going for this kind of dining activity, be prepared to pay a high price for basically every dishes on the menu. The first dish that we ordered is the veggie, the simple kang kong. 

Cah Kangkung from New Moon Cafe Jimbaran

Next is the fried battered squid, which cannot go wrong really. 

Fried Calamari from New Moon Cafe Jimbaran Bali

The most expensive of them all is of course, the grilled fish. Not sure what kind of fish is this but Omma was making a fuss over the price tag of the seafood sold by New Moon Cafe. Oh well. 

Grilled Fish from New Moon Cafe Jimbaran Bali

Oh wait, turns out Noona was wrong about the most expensive dish. Because apparently Omma has ordered some jumbo prawns (which she ordered by number instead of weight). Taste good thankfully. Hahaha.

Hot Sambal Prawn from New Moon Cafe Jimbaran

The atmosphere is so good when it's completely night time as you can just chill while being blown by the gentle sea breeze. 

Dining by the sea at New Moon Cafe Jimbaran Bali

Some buskers came to our table to perform a song (with hope that we pay them money, of course) and since they are able to perform Coldplay's Fix You (despite some key errors), we gave them token of appreciation for their attempt. Kinda make me can't wait about watching Coldplay in this coming April. Yeah!

Restaurants by the sea alongside Jimbaran Beach Bali

New Moon Cafe is located at: 

Jalan Pantai Kedonganan, Kuta

Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 12AM

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