4D3N Bali Trip: Crispy Duck Love at Bebek Joni, Ubud

Anyeong! Noona just had an amazing peking duck dish from the last CNY lunch which was sponsored by big boss, thankfully! Talking about ducks, do you know that Bali has a lot of yummy duck restaurant especially in Ubud area? Ubud is an area in Bali where you can enjoy the view of rice field, which is something different from the usual beach and ocean vibe of Bali island. It's 1.5 hours driving from Kuta but if you love to see a lot of green terraces, you may love Ubud.

4D3N Bali Trip: Bebek Joni, Ubud

Since there are so many rice fields in Ubud, most restaurants in Ubud offer the chance for its diners to have their food while sitting surrounded by the rice field. Natural dining experience? Hahaha. Noona's family chose to have their crispy duck lunch at Bebek Joni since we had never tried the crispy duck from this restaurant before. We could not get the table in the rice field area though and have to settle sitting in the normal area. Oh well. 

Bebek Joni Restaurant at Ubud Bali

The rice field area belongs to Bebek Joni restaurant is pretty huge. You can walk around on the pathway if you want to see the rice field closer. 

Rice field at Bebek Joni Restaurant in Ubud Bali

Do you see the eating area which look like gazebos? That's where the rice field table located. A lot of diners wish to eat there so it is kinda difficult to secure a table there it seems. 

Dining beside the rice field at Bebek Joni Restaurant Ubud

Right, enough fuss about the rice field table. After all, we came here to have crispy duck feast. Let's check out the menu and start ordering. Stat!

Menu from Bebek Joni Restaurant at Ubud

Our order came pretty slow probably because of the huge lunch crowd. Thankfully, there are some crackers which we could snack on. Noona kinda pitied her cousin who had not eaten anything since she woke up. She looks pretty ravenous and murderous at the same time. LOL. 

Crackers from Bebek Joni at Ubud Bali

After 30 minutes of waiting, our crispy duck set is finally here. Nothing fancy about the set to be honest. A piece of crispy duck, some veggie, crackers, the awesome Balinese sauce and a plate of white rice. Bebek Joni's crispy duck has a nice crispy texture to it and it tastes great with the chili sauce although personally Noona prefers the three types of sauces offered by its competitor, Bebek Tepi Sawah. It's a matter of preference really. 

Crispy Duck from Bebek Joni Ubud Bali

One thing that annoyed Noona's omma the most is the fact that we have to use cash to make payment which is kinda ridiculous because a portion of the crispy duck costs pretty expensive around IDR 100,000 (around SGD 11ish) and that's a really huge amount of cash when you pay for the whole family of 6. Thankfully our cash is enough to cover for the rest of the expenses till our last day in Bali. *phew*

Bebek Joni is located at: 

Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Pelitan,
Ubud, Bali

Opening hours:

Daily 8AM - 9PM

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