4D3N Bali Trip: A Cafe with Rice Field View at Bali Pulina, Ubud

"Is it better now that I'm not around?"

The past few days have been so freaking damn annoying. Noona did not have the mood to write about anything (let alone to work) since she was in a...uhm...kinda awkward and annoying situation. She was not even in a official relationship and yet, she's still pissed when someone gave her a mixed signal after so much "investing-in-a-relationship". Uh okay, dunno what she's typing about. So let's just divulge in a travel porn story.

Okay that sounds kinda wrong. There's no porn stuff at all in this travel post.

It has been two months since the last time Noona went for a holiday to Bali. It feels like forever, Noona can tell you. We visited Ubud,  1.5 hours distance away from Kuta. If you are looking for something different from beach and sea, you should make your way to Ubud because Ubud provides you with a chance to chill while enjoying a different view. The greener one.

4D3N Bali Trip: A Cafe with Rice Field View at Bali Pulina, Ubud

This was the first time Noona went to an agro tourism spot in Ubud, Bali Pulina. If you are a local visitor, you will have to pay entrance fee of IDR 100,000. Overseas visitor will have to pay USD 10 if Noona recalls correctly. If she has to comment about Bali Pulina in one sentence, it's a coffee plantation/farm with a rice field view. It's pretty interesting really because for a start, you will have to make your way through the lushes greenery...

Walking through Bali Pulina Ubud Bali

...to see the main star of Bali Pulina, the luwak. Luwak is an Asian palm civet who loves to eat coffee cherries and then digests and defecates them. These naturally processed coffee beans are then processed to make one of the most expensive coffee in the world, Luwak Coffee (or also known as Kopi Luwak). 

Luwak at Bali Pulina Ubud Bali

Luwak looks pretty fierce though despite the fact that they eat coffee instead of meat.

Luwak, the animal which produce coffee

Some exhibition where visitors can see the tools and ingredients required to process Kopi Luwak. 

Kitchen where Luwak coffee was made at Bali Pulina

It will be great if guides were available to explain to us what are those stuffs (which to Noona looks like some kind of beans and spices) but the guides were all fully occupied as there were many visitors that day. So Noona has to make her own guesses on the coffee making process but looking at her brain capacity, it will be fast before she lost interest in the whole back-office operation stuff. 

Ingredients for luwak coffee making at Bali Pulina Ubud

Noona thinks this is where you "cook" the coffee beans before further grinding them into coffee grounds. But she admits she does not have to be Sherlock to come into this conclusion. Hahaha.

Roasting Luwak coffee beans at Bali Pulina Ubud

The next exihibition houses some random farming tools. Farming is such a hard work but without farmers, we will not be able to eat what we love to eat in our daily life. Let's appreciate them more people! #clappingforfarmers

Farming tools at Bali Pulina Ubud Bali

The beautiful part of Bali Pulina appears when you walk further past the cultural exhibition area of farming coffee. You will arrive at the viewing platform where you can enjoy the view of the tegallalang rice field. If you are a fan of the mountain, you may enjoy this kind of peaceful view compared to the ocean therapy.

Tegallalang Rice Field View at Bali Pulina

Your entrance fee of IDR 100k comes with a food and drink voucher which you can use at the cafe here. There is only one cafe at Bali Pulina so you will not miss it. You can choose either to sit at the al fresco area or under the shade of the rooftop. 

Cafe with rice field view at Bali Pulina

Each table will be offered a set of coffee tester. All coffees offered here are made from the coffee ground defecated by the luwak. So yeah, this is your chance to try out that expensive Luwak coffee. 

Kopi Luwak Tester at Bali Pulina Ubud

From the right side to the left side, here is teh taste offered. If you'd like to taste the original luwak coffee, Noona personally encourages you to go for the pure Bali coffee, which happens to be the strongest and the darkest coffee selection offered. 

Bali Pulina coffee tester set

After we have made our own personal coffee selection (mine's ginger), we also received the complimentary banana fritter which taste great with coffee. The thing is, since both the coffee (unless you opt for the pure Bali coffee) and the banana fritter are both sweet and hence, attracted a lot of unwanted guests, the bees. Noona has mastered the art of eating the fritter, drinking the coffee, taking picture while shooing away the bees. Haiz. What a tiring feat indeed. 

Banana fritter and luwak coffee at Bali Pulina Ubud

Once we have finished our meal (and our battle with the bees, yea, we failed to coexist), we decided to move on to our next destination. There is a souvenir shop located right before the exit of Bali Pulina. You can buy souvenir and gift for your loved ones if you'd like to. The souvenir store has a lot of fancy stuff to offer from the handmade handcrafts to soap to of course, coffee grounds.

Balinese handcraft souvenirs at Bali Pulina Ubud

The coffee grounds are packed nicely in a pretty box too so you don't have to do extra and just need to pay and give it to whoever you want to give them to. Fancy, no?

Bali Vanilla Luwak Coffee at Bali Pulina Ubud

Bali Pulina is located at: 

Banjar Pujung Kelod, Tegallalang
Sebatu, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar

Opening hours:

Daily 8AM - 7.30PM

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