Coex Aquarium, Seoul

Noona is not really an aquarium fan so this trip to Coex Aquarium in Seoul is pretty much a surprise even to herself. Well, perhaps it was due to the influence of Korean TV show called Running Man which is still popular until today (although not as popular as before). Noona watched an episode whereby the cast of Running Man need to go to Coex Aquarium for a set of task. Because of that, Noona included a visit to Coex Aquarium in her itinerary.

Coex Aquarium, Seoul

Coex Aquarium is located within the massive mall with the same name. The aquarium is unique in Korea because it showcases a "water journey". The transition for each segment inside the aquarium makes visitors feel that they are swimming from one water to another water. Btw, can you spot the fish below?

Coex Aquarium in Seoul South Korea

The journey started pretty peaceful with a lot of fish pond including the traditional koi pond. 

Koi pond in Coex Aquarium Seoul

There are a lot of small fishes showcased in creative way. For instance, the little white fish here is sharing her "room" with not one, not two, but three Spiderman (including his alter-ego). 

Fish in Wonderland in Coex Aquarium Seoul

The best area in Coex Aquarium is gotta be the massive water tank containing a lot of colorful corals and beautiful fishes. 

Fish tank in Coex Aquarium Seoul South Korea

The fishes here are cohabit very peacefully. At one point, we saw a tiny shark swimming together around the other fish including the stingray. 

Little shark and stingray at Coex Aquarium Seoul

I find Nemo! But, hey, where's Dory? I guess we have to wait for the movie to come out to find Dory. 

Nemo in Coex Aquarium Seoul

The main star of Coex Aquarium is definitely the Korean mermaid. Despite the high standard of beauty in the K-pop world, dugong is considered the most beautiful fish in Korea. Noona means, it even earns the nickname "Korean mermaid" so she should be a babe amongst the sea creatures, right? 

Dugong in Coex Aquarium Seoul

Coex Aquarium's opening hours:

10AM - 10PM

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