Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul (Part 1)

One summer day in Seoul and we are currently at Changdeokgung Palace, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Korea. The sky was so blue that day, it kinda lifted my mood to a positive note. Perfect day to go for history exploration in Seoul I must say. 

Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul (Part 1)

Changdeokgung Palace is one of the most well-preserved royal palaces from the Joseon Dynasty. This is where the Royal Family discussed state affairs for the people. You can join a walking tour or do a free-and-easy tour inside the palace compound. However, you must join a walking tour if you want to explore Secret Garden. The tour is provided by the palace and there is no advance booking required. The starting point for the tour will be here at Donhwamun Gate. 

Donhwamun Gate at Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

Similar to Gyeongbokgung Palace, there is a deep ditch leading to the way inside the palace complex. The ditch here is dry though. I wonder why it is left dry because it is supposedly filled with water to bring good luck.

Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

Few metres later, we have arrived at Injeongjeon Hall, the throne hall of Changdeokgung Palace. Countless major state affairs such as the coronation of a new king and reception of foreign envoys took place here. 

Throne Hall of Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

The next area after Injeongjeon Hall is an open area with a few historical building in site. The weather was so hot that day, we started to take out our umbrellas just like what the Koreans do to avoid exposure to the sun. Hahaha.

Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul South Korea

I love the design and structure of Seonjeongjeon Hall. This is where the King worked at his convenience to discuss routine state affairs with high ranking officials. In summary, this is the office of the King during Joseon area. 

Seonjeongjeon Hall at Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

Right before the Secret Garden lies Seongjeonggak Hall, which was used to be the crown prince's residence. The hall started to look similar to one another but what makes this area unique is the design of the wall. 

Seongjeonggak Hall at Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

How to go to Changdeokgung Palace:

1. Take subway to Anguk Station
2. Make your way to Exit 3
3. Walk for 5 minutes to Changdeokgung Palace

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