Steal Her Look: Ga Yoon's Pink Hair Don't Care

The Look

Noona always associates spring with sweet pastel color like pink, she does not know why. But people seems to brush it off easier when she is wearing pink during spring. After all, the color suits the season. If you love to wear pink but do not really have the courage to wear the color, you may want to start with something like peachy pink or light pink. This look good on pink hair too if you dare to have one like what Ga Yoon from 4Minutes have. 

What do you need:

If you could not find a dress like what Ga Yoon wear, it's perfectly okay to split the look into top and bottom.

1. Dolman sleeve jumper in light pastel pink, $43 from Mango

The sleeve jumper from Mango looks really comfortable to be honest with you. Noona herself can't wait to snug into one. 

2. 90's sweater by Escapology, $68 from Topshop

Another comfortable clothing in sight. As the sweater is crafted in a soft blend and made from 86% cotton, the sweater will be very comfortable to wear. 

3. Crepe patch pocket skirt, $85 from Topshop

Since Noona could not find any dress to match Ga Yoon's look, we need to find a suitable bottom to pair the above sweaters. The skirt from Topshop seems to be a suitable match for the above look. And the good thing is, it comes with a pocket. Yeay!

4. Handjive burgundy pump, $55.99 from Nine West

Ga Yoon is spotted pairing burgundy shoes to match the whole pink-toned look. And it surprisingly matches well. How about pairing our pinky look with the burgundy pump from Nine West?

5. Jonno suede maryjane shoes, $120 from Topshop

If you'd rather wear your black heels, how about going for a pair of maryjane shoes? Maryjane shoes will make the whole look cuter and sweeter. It also adds a touch of preppy-ness in the look.

Ending this post with a cool and yet sweet look from Ga Yoon. 

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