4D3N Bali Trip: Pura Tanah Lot, Bali

Anyeong! Noona was so FULL as she just came back from TGIF dinner with one of her gym-buddy. All her colleagues were still working at the office when she left but oh well, it's Friday people! Whee~~~

Life has been pretty tough especially on Wednesday and Thursday as Noona has to show her ass in the office until late to avoid scorn from fellow colleagues. Tough days make you thinking back to the last holiday that you just went. U_U. Back when Noona could walk alongside the beach in Bali. Well, other than beaches, you can also visit a lot of other unique attractions in Bali just like this special temple located on an island named Pura Tanah Lot. Just from the entrance gate alone, you can feel that this place is somewhat spiritual.

4D3N Bali Trip: Pura Tanah Lot, Bali

This has been Noona's 4th time coming to Pura Tanah Lot and it seems that there is religious ceremony at Pura Tanah Lot held everyday here. The area where the ceremony is performed is off limit for tourists but you are welcomed to watch from afar. 

Holy ritual at Pura Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

You can, however, walk around on the seashore area right outside the ceremonial stage. That day was pretty cloudy and hence, a good day to play at the seashore without getting burned. 

Pura Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

The main highlight at Pura Tanah Lot is, however, the temple located on top of the island which seems to be located opposite the seashore. 4th time coming and Noona has never been able to walk across to that island because it is always tide time when Noona visits this place. When it is not tide, you can walk over to the island which have temple on it. 

Temple at Pura Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

Despite the tide, the view from the seashore is pretty good enough. That's all that we got for our 4th time here. Better luck next time. Hahaha.

The tide at Pura Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

If you have time to kill, there are so many neighbourhood shop selling sandals, arts, food, swimsuits, Balinese t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, ice cream, or anything that you can think of. You may want to spend at least half an hour to browse through the stores. 

Pura Tanah Lot is located at Desa Beraban, Bali.

Opening hours:

Daily 7AM to 7PM

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