Yongduam (Dragon Head) Rock, the Nearest Attraction to Jeju Airport

Anyeong! Today we are going to visit a popular nature attraction in Jeju Island which is located very near to Jeju International Airport, Yongduam Rock. 
Things to Do at Yongduam Rock, Jeju Island

 Yongduam Rock is also known as Dragon Head's Rock and it is so popular with the tourists as this location is always included in any tour group's itinerary. As a result, taking picture at Yongduam Rock may prove to be kinda difficult because there is photobombing risk everywhere. The best thing about Yongduam Rock is definitely its proximity to the airport, which is around 10 minutes by car. The proximity of the location will surely make it easy for travellers to slip in Yongduam Rock into their itinerary in Jeju Island. You can probably visit Yongduam Rock at the first attraction to go after landing or include it in as the last spot to visit before leaving Jeju Island.
The gate of Yongduam Rock in Jeju Island

Noona's flight landed in Jeju Island around 5PM-ish and since it was summertime, the sun is still bright and shining (and hot) when she visited Yongduam Rock. There is no admission required to visit Yongduam Rock (economical! Yeah!) so you should probably visit this place anyway as the travel budgeting will not be affected after all. 


The first thing to do in Yongduam Island is definitely to get your camera/ camera phone ready, wear your sunnies and give your best pose at the first viewing platform near to the rock sign of Dragon Head's rock shown above. The coastal line behind will surely give your photo a background boost, no?

Posing in front of the coastal line of Jeju Island


Uhh okay, if you think Noona's presence in the picture is kinda disturbing the nature landscape, let's just take picture of the coastal line without the human, okay. Jeju Island is a volcanic island and hence the coastal line is filled with many volcanic rocks. If you want to be adventurous in your picture taking, you can go down via the walking pathway and explore the rocky shore. Please exercise caution when you are taking picture at the rocky area though, we don't want you or your camera/ smartphone to fall into the ocean. 

The view of the coastal line of Jeju Island in South Korea


"When the days are cold and the cards all fold..." ehh wait, Noona does not really ask you to start playing Imagine Dragons' song here although their songs are kind awesome and probably pretty nice to hear while admiring the seashore. Well, the other name for Yongduam Rock is the Dragon Head Rock so there should be something (a rock, most likely) which resemble the dragon head. The thing is, sometimes in order to spot or appreciate the name, you have to exercise some imagination and this is the case with Yongduam Rock. So, have you spotted the dragon yet? 

(Oh right, you need to walk down the pathway a bit and the pathway does have some stairs so if your legs are not in fit condition, please be careful)

Yongduam Dragon Head Rock in Jeju Island South Korea


Near to the entrance of Yongduam Rock, there's someone who you should meet. It's the statue of Dol-Hareubang, who is considered as god of fertility and protection. You will see a lot of these statues scattered all over Jeju Island. They are usually placed outside the gates to protect the place from against demons travelling between realities. There's a saying that if you touch their nose, you will be pregnant since Dol-Hareubang is also god of fertility. So if you come to Jeju Island for honeymoon, don't forget to befriend Dol-Hareubang and touch their nose ok? 

Posing with Dol Haerubang at Jeju Island


The best thing about being a popular tourist spot is that food is easy to find around Yongduam Rock. So if you are getting tired after all those photo-taking, volcanic seashore exploration and brain exercise, Noona suggest to chill and relax for a while at the nearest Dunkin Donuts. Do note that it closes at 6PM though. For your information, Dunkin Donuts at South Korea sells better donuts than other countries (okay, at least better than Singapore where Noona is currently living). She does not really know if it's different from the donuts sold in the States but you can try them and let Noona know how do they fare. Take the slightly-odd shaped donut as it is mixed with mochi and hence have the chewy texture. Yumz! 

Tea time at Dunkin Donuts in Jeju Island

Dunkin Donuts is selling snacks? Oh wow, Noona has never seen this before. Omma (re: mother) got pretty excited about this snack as well so she immediately throw this to Noona to include in the purchase. We are, after all, a snack-eating family. 

Pumpkin sweet potato snack from Dunkin Donuts South Korea


Since Noona and her family joined a tour group, we did not really have to research beforehand on where to eat. So if you are looking for a nearby restaurant to have dinner (or early dinner in our case), you can probably consider this restaurant which is located right opposite the gate to Yongduam Rock. Our tour operator picks this place as it provides big table catered for tour groups and it's located very near to Yongduam Rock. 

Seafood dinner at Yongduam Jeju Island

But then, what kind of food does this restaurant serve? Our tour guide has informed us that we were having seafood steamboat but when we were seated at our table, we saw these small plates full of something which looks like side dishes and instant noodle. If you think that you can only have instant noodles with kimchi and all these side dishes, do not panic yet. In Korea, all dishes (well probably except Western food) are served with many side dishes (also known locally as Banchan). Basic side dishes usually include kimchi, bean sprouts, seasoned radish and seaweed. This is your chance to eat as many kimchi as possible as the side dishes are usually refillable until you have finished eating your main dish. 

Side dishes for the seafood steamboat at Jeju Island

The main dish for our (early) dinner that day is the seafood steamboat. The ingredients of the seafood steamboat are fished from the ocean by the female divers in Jeju Island (known as Haenyeo). The females in Jeju Island have to be able to dive into the sea to look for food because back then a lot of males died due to war or deep-sea fishing accidents. So yeah, sea-diving has become female-dominated industry here in Jeju Island. The age of the divers vary between 30 - 60. Oh yeah, 60 years old divers, aren't that amazing? These ahjummas are really daebak (re: amazing)!

Seafood steamboat at Jeju Island South Korea

The soup taste very clean as there are not many seasoning added to the soup base. In addition to the side dish, the restaurant staff also gives us grilled fish to eat with the soup and white rice. The seafood is very fresh (probably because they are literally just caught from the nearby ocean) so do give them a try when you are in Jeju Island. 

Fried fish from Jeju Island South Korea

Overall, Noona thinks she spent 2 hours or so at Yongduam Rock (including the dinner time). So if you skip the eating part, you will probably only need 30 minutes or so here. Hope the above post help in your planning.

Until next time, Anyeong! 

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