Korea Hotel Review: Days Hotel Seogwipo, Jeju Island

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in Seogwipo area of Jeju Island, you probably want to include Days Hotel Seogwipo Ocean in your consideration list. Noona stayed at this hotel for 2 nights during her last trip to Jeju island and since she came with her Omma and her dongsaeng, we booked a triple room and Noona was so happy she does not have to share her bed with Omma since Omma likes to snore. Zzz.

Korea Hotel Review: Days Hotel Seogwipo, Jeju Island

While the space in the bedroom may not be that spacious due to the three single beds, Noona is quite happy with the cleanliness and the brightness of the room. After all, our tour guide has informed us that Days Hotel Seogwipo Ocean is actually quite new as it has just opened earlier this year. Oh yeah, nice! Noona loves new hotel. Hahaha. 

Triple room in Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

Our tour guide has also given us tip to try chilling out at the rooftop bar of the hotel and try their fried chicken. Based on the TV shows and dramas that Noona has been watching, fried chicken is best eaten while drinking beer (Cimek, anyone?) so we eagerly browsed through the list of the ice cold beer to pair with the fried chicken. 

Rooftop bar at Days Hotel Seogwipo in Jeju Island

Initially Noona wanted to go for the Japanese/ German beer but Omma suggested to go for the Chinese beer instead so that she could have a sip of it. Hmm, fine let's go for Tsingtao then. 
Tsingtao Beer from rooftop bar at Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

Meanwhile, Dongsaeng insisted that we should have tried Korean beer instead but he kinda regretted his decision because the Korean beer does not taste as good as Japanese/ German beer. Price-wise, it is way cheaper than the beer from the other countries though. 

Cass beer from rooftop bar at Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

Okay, if you are ordering any fried chicken in Korea, be prepared for its humongous size. The size of the fried chicken is so big because they literally fry the whole chicken omg. The three of us are struggling to finish this whole chicken so Noona supposes the magic number to finish the fried chicken is supposedly 4 pax. She does not understand how come Soo Kyung and Dae Young in Let's Eat drama can finish this just by the two of them (they most likely starve for the remaining hours of that shooting day). Thankfully, the taste of the fried chicken is so so so so yummy and crunchy. It does not really have strong seasoning flavour like those fast food chain's fried chicken and hence, it tastes good when paired with any of the sauces provided. Don't forget to cheers and nomz the chicken together. 

Korean fried chicken from Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

After sleeping with bloated stomach full of chicken swimming in beer, we should seriously try to eat something healthier for breakfast.  Meal coupons are given to every guests at Days Hotel Seogwipo Ocean, so remember to bring these coupons while making your way to the restaurant for breakfast buffet. 

Breakfast coupon from Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

The breakfast buffet spree is pretty much international as they have everything from the hot dishes station, cereal station, salad station, fruit station...

Cereal bar for breakfast at Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

...and even side dishes station if you can't live without eating kimchi and other healthy side dishes. 

Kimchi and other Korean side dishes at breakfast at Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

  The dessert station is kinda limited as there are only three kind of dishes available but after all, not many people eating dessert for breakfast after all. 

Dessert bar at breakfast from Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

Noona's attempt to eat healthier after a night full of ugh, fun and yet pretty bad calories. The salad taste pretty good though, really, she's not joking. Especially when drizzled with a bit of sesame sauce. 

Salad for breakfast from Days Hotel Seogwipo Jeju Island

Room rate for triple room at Days Hotel Seogwipo Ocean: Approx. USD 68 per night. 

Days Hotel Seogwipo Ocean's Location: 

7 Donghong-ro, Seogwipo City 63590
Jeju Island

The hotel is located pretty near to many tourist attractions like Camelia Hill, Hello Kitty Museum and Teddy Bear Museum. So it's probably a good base for travelling to around the vicinity. 

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