Oink Noona: Nesuto Patisserie, Tanjong Pagar

"Have you ever heard of anything so absurd ever in your life?"

Anyeong! Noona has heard so many absurd things in life up to the point she gives absolutely zero time dealing with such nonsense. Oh boy, it does feel good. If you don't want other people to confuse you about stuff like this, Noona thinks it's better to keep the story to yourself though unless you can find someone who can understand your mind wave and that particular someone will definitely laugh and even high five with you.

Just like what Noona's chingu did back when we visited Nesuto Patisserie for a quiet Saturday night cafehopping adventure at Tanjong Pagar.

Oink Noona: Nesuto, Tanjong Pagar

Nesuto is located along the quiet and dimly lit Tras Street. We nearly missed the place if it's not for Google Maps. Nesuto is the cafe to visit if you are looking for a place to chill and chat which serves cakes and teas. 

Cake display from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

Some of the more popular cakes were already sold out but since there are still many options available, Noona was not really bothered about it. That's the beauty of exploring new place, no? You are exposed to many choices to try out. Whee~~~

Assorted cakes from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

Other than cakes, Nesuto also has some cookies and croissants for sale. The cookies are more for take-away or gifts since they are stored in a plastic container but you can also order them for dine-in if you'd like to. 

Cookies and meringues from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

The most interesting part of the menu at Nesuto is not the cakes but the teas selection. The staff behind the counter (who we suspect is also the owner of the patisserie) explained to Noona and her chingu that the tea leaves are imported from Taiwan (which suppose to sell awesome teas). She patiently explains to us the difference between each teas in terms of effect and the taste. 

Tea selection from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

After listening to her explanation with full attention, Noona and her chingu decided to go with Lychee Oolong because we prefer fruity tea to those more herbal-ish. We are told to wait for 3 minutes (they even gave us hourglass to count for 3 minutes) for the tea to brew perfectly. 

Lychee oolong tea from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

Taking picture while waiting for the tea to finish brewing. 

Tea and cake from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

Oh right, the white cake that we ordered is a coconut cake. It's more like a mousse cake which is filled with chocolate mousse and nata de coco. Kinda interesting cake and that's why we ordered this compared to the rest of the cakes on display. 

Coconut cake from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

After three minutes, our teas are ready and Noona was quite surprised the oolong tea has light color (she always has impression that oolong has darker color). The sweet and fruity lychee aroma is so fragrant, Noona can practically smell it once she poured the tea to the cups. If only life can be this sweet every day....

Coconut cake and lychee oolong tea from Nesuto at Tanjong Pagar

Nesuto Patisserie is located at:

53 Tras Street, 

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 11AM - 10.30PM
Friday and Saturday 11AM - 9.30PM
Sunday 12 - 10.30PM

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