Oink Noona: Henri Charpentier, Tanjong Pagar Centre

"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly."

Anyeong! It is only Tuesday and Noona is already feeling up need to breakaway from the crazy amount of workload and people that she needs to handle. Gone is the day when she just earn money while doing nothing. She starts to wonder if she should start learning new skill so that she can do something else for a living. But adjusting attitude to current work seems to be safer because learning new skill does not come fast (and cheap). Sometimes, it's wiser to learn how to fly while considering other path in life. Let's just figure out what kind of skill to learn next. 

The best way to think is to invite another brain to talk about this never-ending life topic to a nice cafe at Tanjong Pagar Centre, Henri Charpentier. 

Oink Noona: Henri Charpentier, Tanjong Pagar Centre

In order for us, two girls to be able to discuss serious and deep stuff in a high-spirit manner, we must first, fuel ourselves with nothing but sweet cakes. Because after all, girls are made of sugar, spice, everything nice plus the X factor. If Noona has to choose, she's probably uhh...Bubbles? Hahahaha. 

Cake display from Henri Charpentier at Tanjong Pagar Centre

Okay, never mind Noona's lame Powerpuff Girls joke, let's really focus on what lies behind the display case at Henri Charpentier now. The cakes offered here seems to be cheaper than the price Noona remembers Henri Charpentier at Orchard Central is offering. But she may have gotten the price wrong since it was already long time ago when she first checked the price. 

Pretty cakes from Henri Charpentier at Tanjong Pagar Centre

The cakes all looks pretty good and interesting but there are only two of us so we had to go with two choice of cakes, one for each lady. 

Cheesecake from Henri Charpentier at Tanjong Pagar Centre

Our choices for that cozy evening fell on two lovely cakes, the Raspberry Chocolate Cake and the Double Cheese Cake. 

Raspberry chocolate and cheesecake from Henri Charpentier

Let's first start with Raspberry Chocolate Cake. The raspberry jam on top of the chocolate cake creates a sweet and sour balance to the whole cake. Noona is a fan of a combination of berries and chocolate, so she loves this taste pretty much. 

Raspberry chocolate cake from Henry Charpentier

Noona's deep-talking-buddy prefers a cheesecake to other type of cake so she decided to go with Double Cheese Cake. Henri Charpentier's cheese cake is more on the lighter note compared to let's say Starbucks'. Noona still prefers the chocolate cake to the cheese cake though but this may be just due to personal preference. 

Double cheese cake from Henri Charpentier

In any case, Henri Charpentier at Tanjong Pagar Centre gives a very cozy ambience when you visit the cafe on a Friday evening (right after work). Not sure if the cafe is crowded at lunch time but visiting the cafe on a weekend may work well because Noona supposes there will be lesser people visiting Tanjong Pagar Centre when it's not a working day. 

Henri Charpentier is located at: 

7 Wallich Street #B2-15
Tanjong Pagar Centre

Opening hours:

Weekdays 8AM - 8PM
Weekends 8AM - 6PM

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